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Facebook Iframe Integration

Instructions to add a Petstablished Adoptable/Fosterable Pets Page

Step 1

To start the process please click on the link: you already have the app installed please go to ADD IFRAME WIDGET   step 2

Step 2

Select the Facebook Page  and click Add Page Tab

Step 3

Select the page you want to add the IFrame to and click Edit Tab

Step 4

Go to Export Services & Iframes in Petstablished to get the iframe code.

Step 5

Paste the iframe code in and click Save & Publish. Once saved please click Preview to see the page.

Step 6

Once you see the iframe and pets, the integration is complete and working Save & Publish

Step 7 (optional)

To change the title of the page click Edit name and Images, change the tab name and click Save tab Name