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About Us

Our Mission

Petstablished is a premium provider of management software to Animal Welfare Organizations. Through our easy-to-use-interface AWOs can track information for all of their pets, adopters, fosters, donations, and staff. What sets us apart is our unparalleled ability to fuse technology into the adoption process by providing AWOs with the means to create customized applications and process all information for applicants online. Additionally, we connect Animal Welfare Organization with people looking to adopt a pet and allow potential adopters to track their application status along with their pet's information (such as medical records and microchip number) after they adopt. As a result we can offer a superior solution to AWOs for free.

At Petstablished, our passion is pets; they are the reason behind our mission to help AWOs manage their day-to-day operations and connect pets with their future families. In doing this, it is our hope to dramatically lower the amount of time spent on administrative tasks, increase revenues, lower-costs, and most importantly, get the most exposure for the pets. Our software creates an easy-to-use interface that caters directly to the needs of both AWOs and adopters. Petstablished is the most simple and effective solution to manage your organization!

The Problem

By and large, AWOs are non-profit organizations that depend on their local governments, grants, and private donations to exist and function. And while they do an invaluable service to their community, they often suffer from miniscule budgets and funding cuts. Even in the best of times, AWOs struggle to make ends meet. Despite their limited funds, shelters and rescues take in hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats every year, and AWO staff must keep track of data on each animal, adopter, foster, and dollar that goes into making an AWO survive. Unfortunately, spreadsheets can't handle this level of information, and many organizations are in need of an AWO management software that is inexpensive, easy to use, and allows them to do everything they need to in regards to their day-to-day operations.

How We Help AWO's

By signing up for Petstablished, AWOs will be able to create customized applications and process all information for applicants, adopters, and fosters. Through this patent-pending feature, AWOs will have access to permanent records of every pet's history both before and after the adoption.

Additionally, AWO's can input (and export) data on individual animals including medical records, microchip number, food and medicine schedule, temperament, and any additional notes they want to have on record. They can also save time, by automatically exporting their adoptable pet lists to and Petfinder. For a full list of features check out our Products and Services page.

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How We Connect Pets and Families

Pet lovers can search the Petstablished database of adoptable pets to find their perfect match and track their foster or adoption applications once submitted. When the AWO approves an application, the organization can instantly transfer all the selected pet’s medical records, microchip number, and pet history to their pet owner’s online account. Pet owners can then set reminders for check-ups and vaccines. They can also register their pet’s microchip in our database and have access to our lost pet alert system.

PSigning up as a Pet Lover allows you to create your own adoption profile with the information required when you apply for your future pet. You also get access to a variety of features which will help you get more involved with your local rescue organizations and make it easier to adopt and take care of your pet. Sign up today or check out our Learn More page for more information!

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