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Australian Shepherds Furever-Illinois Chapter

PO Box 1676, CHICAGO, IL, 60607

Shelter Information

Nancy Pearlman-Gonzalez, Founder and CEO, created Australian Shepherds Furever (ASF), a non-profit organization to promote the education, rescue, fostering and adoption of the Australian Shepherd breed of dog. In July 2012, Australian Shepherds Furever (ASF) initiated as a page on Facebook. Hoping to have 1,000 members at the end one year, ASF quickly grew into a network of more than 67,000 dedicated individuals striving to provide aid and refuge to Aussies all over the country. From these phenomena, the website was developed to educate the public on this intelligent and beautiful breed, and provide resources to those seeking help or willing to contribute to the Adopt, Save and Foster (ASF) philosophy. ASF filed for non- profit status in July 2013 and obtained its status in July 2014 and through proactive networking, partnerships, training/rehabilitation and fundraising, ASF has saved the lives of countless dogs to include those with Parvo, Mange, Tick Disease, Cancer, Pneumonia, broken limbs and some of the most extreme cases of abuse that one could imagine. ASF focuses on the Aussies that most would turn their backs on. ASF is in its 5th year and over 1,910 Australian Shepherds have been rescued from high kills shelters, abusive owners and other high-risk situations. We, as humans, have a responsibility to uphold, shelter and care for those beings that are less fortunate, that are simply cast away. Thanks to proactive individuals who work collectively, Aussies nationwide are being given a chance at a better life through Australian Shepherds Volunteers are an integral component of ASF for the maintenance of the website, screening potential fosters and adopters, providing training, fundraising, data base management, networking and transporting of recued Aussies. All Volunteers; Adopters, Fosters, Trainers and Transporters etc. are carefully screened and vetted to assure the safe and vital placement of these dogs into furever homes. We currently have over 170 foster families and over 160 dogs in foster care nationwide. We have professional trainers to work with our dogs with severe behavioral issues. We also have a team of Rescue Coordinators, Medical Advisors, Fundraisers, Regional Reps, Application Processors, Data Base Managers, Social Media Managers, Microchip and ID tag Registrars and Ground and Air Transport Coordinators that work together to save these beautiful dogs. Furever (ASF).

Areas Served

Serving the great state of Illinois Australian Shepherds Furever is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit corporation. We are a national rescue, breed specific to Australian Shepherds and Aussie mixes.

Adoption Instructions

We pride ourselves on a thorough screening process. A complete application, background check,vet reference check, personal reference check, photos of property inside and out if there is not a local representative.

Pets in this Shelter

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Miss Pumpkin

Australian Shepherd

Say hello to this sweet girl, Miss Pumpkin. She is thought to be a 1 year old female Australian Shepherd/Lab mix. Miss Pumpkin was rescu... show more

Say hello to this sweet girl, Miss Pumpkin. She is thought to be a 1 year old female Australian Shepherd/Lab mix. Miss Pumpkin was rescued out of a hoarding situation, where she was not given a lot of love. Because of her beginning, she is hesitant with most humans but will warm up when treated with lots of love, training, and patience. Currently humans are still super scary to her, so a quiet house with no small children would be best while she learns how to trust. When you earn that trust, you have a partner for life out of this sweet Pumpkin! This little baby loves nothing more than to curl up with her human and snuggle! She is getting used to being in a home and hearing everyday sounds, which can still be a little startling to her. Miss Pumpkin is looking for a very specific home and family to meet her needs. Miss Pumpkin absolutely needs a strong, confident and patient leader who has the time to devote to familiarizing her with everyday sounds and sites. A single-individual household may be best, but if given proper introduction to all members, she may be able to adjust well with a confident family (without small children). Miss Pumpkin is kennel-trained and loves to relax in her safe space whenever she is feeling overwhelmed. She currently lives with a cat and another dog who is teaching her how to do fun stuff like walk on a leash and play! Since she is not too sure how to play, it looks more like she is just smacking her foster brother around a little! Don’t worry, he LOVES it! When she is in the mood, going for short walks really brings this angel out of her shell. She loves smelling the grass and will prance right by your side. She sometimes freezes when she gets scared, so shorter walks are key. Having a partner like her foster brother by her side, helps her see the world isn’t so scary. Miss Pumpkin would prefer a privately fenced yard. Because she loves her human so much, she occasionally will guard them. She has a warning growl, but nothing severe. Her foster mom is working to modify this behavior, letting her know it’s okay to love all animals! She is house trained and will let you know - in her kennel - if she is ready to go out! She does need to be kept on a regular schedule to continue her progress. She has very good house manners and typically just stays in one spot when being left alone. She can normally be found lounging on her favorite chair at her foster mom’s house. She can easily be left alone and un-crated, particularly when she gives you that cute little look in her beautiful eyes reassuring you she’ll be here for awhile! Miss Pumpkin is a “work in progress” and will need a patient adopter. Her strongest desire is a human that will advocate for her, work with her and give her all the love one can offer. She is spayed and up-to-date on all her vaccinations. She is microchipped and heartworm negative. She takes monthly preventatives for fleas, ticks and heartworms. Monthly preventatives are a requirement to adopt her! She is being fostered in Bloomington, IL. Needs: A patient person or family willing to continue her training of new things Continued training on proper reactions A quiet environment and household (no small children) Wants: Prefers to have a doggy brother or sister to help her with gaining confidence Understanding, patient adopter Experience with behavioral issues is recommended A fenced in yard in a quieter area If you think this adorable little girl is a great fit for you, please fill out the application: All adoption fees are used for future rescue efforts. show less

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Australian Shepherd

Meet Toby, also known as Squirt. He is a 4-5 year old mini black bi American Shepherd weighing 34lbs. He came to ASF from a shelter in s... show more

Meet Toby, also known as Squirt. He is a 4-5 year old mini black bi American Shepherd weighing 34lbs. He came to ASF from a shelter in southwestern MO. He was dumped there with another pup by a local in December of 2020. He and this other pup shook together in the corner of the cage. No one could get near them. The shelter owner hired a trainer, the trainer came in and taught these 2 women volunteers how to get these boys to open up and not be so fearful of humans. Squirt was shaved due to bad mats before coming to ASF and his coat is SLOWLY growing back in. Fast Forward 8 months, ASF made transport arrangements with the shelter and pilots n paws and these boys flew to their foster homes. Squirt is crate trained and likes his crate, he will need a crate in his new home because it is his safe space. Squirt is 99% potty trained and needs to go out every 3-4 hours. He loves to chew on Icelandic lamb horns, marrow bones, hooves and antlers. Squirt is HIGHLY food motivated. He has his master’s degree in leash walking and walks perfectly on leash with auto-check ins. Squirt is looking for a home that is quiet, doesn’t have a ton of traffic, has a physically fenced yard or to be on leash 24/7, and an owner with a lot of patience, that is calm, loving and caring and willing to work on building his trust with humans. He seems to warm up to men faster than women. If Squirt were to get away from his owner or foster home, he would disappear and most likely never be found. He is small, shy and frightened of many things, this fear manifests itself in dogs in 2 ways, flight or fight. Squirt’s fear manifests itself in FLIGHT. He will run away and hide. Squirt LOVES the kiddie pool in the backyard at his foster home. He likes to run with his foster fur siblings but he doesn’t play with them yet. He would be fine in a home with or without other dogs. Do you want to feel like you are truly saving a dog? Squirt is your boy! Squirt is up to date on vaccinations, neutered, microchipped and on monthly prevention for fleas, ticks and heartworm. He is being fostered in McHenry IL. Squirt’s NEEDS: Quiet home with not a lot of traffic Calm, patient, loving and caring owner Physically Fenced yard OR to be on leash 24/7, as he is a flight risk. Children over 12 that are calm Squirt’s Wants: A kiddie pool to play in If you think that Squirt is a good fit for you, please fill out our application: All adoption fees are used for future rescue efforts. show less