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Tracking In The Shadows - Rescuing Lost Dogs

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Shepherd (Unknown Type)

Cali? 1 year ish. 43 lbs.  Hi, I’m Calamity, but my friends call me Cali! Speaking of friends, I LOVE friends. I get soooo excited to se... show more

Cali? 1 year ish. 43 lbs.  Hi, I’m Calamity, but my friends call me Cali! Speaking of friends, I LOVE friends. I get soooo excited to see my favorite people and meet new ones! If your resident pup is dog friendly I’d love to be their friend. And if you’re kitty friends like dogs I’d love to be their friend, too! I  also love small friends, I’m very careful around little people and love when they love me. Alright, enough about friends, let’s get to the really important stuff.  For starters, I am crate trained and find comfort in my little space, with my stuffed animals of course. I LOVE my stuffed toys, they’re my favorite thing to carry around and cuddle with. With a consistent schedule, I’m pretty good about holding it until I get outside. I’m also good about not going in the house when out of the crate.  I’ve been in a foster home for awhile now, and while I love them I’m ready to find my furever home. Cali just finished her heartworm treatment and will need to be retested in 6 months to make sure she’s negative. Meanwhile, being kept on prevention is absolutely required just like all our dogs. Adoption fee $175.  Applications on our website.  Click on adoptable pets then adopt under the picture.  Please live within an hour of Elkhart or Plymouth. We would also love to see Cali in a home with another dog. show less

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German Shorthaired Pointer

PLEASE READ ENTIRE BIO BEFORE APPLYING. Please live within 1 hour of Elkhart, IN. Remy is a 16 month old GSP bred from hunting lines. He... show more

PLEASE READ ENTIRE BIO BEFORE APPLYING. Please live within 1 hour of Elkhart, IN. Remy is a 16 month old GSP bred from hunting lines. He is an adolescent and his behaviors are inconsistent at best. He is very impulsive, opportunistic, and hyper aroused one day, and the next he is relaxed, confident, and brilliant. This is the nature of adolescence. Adolescent shorthairs can be especially challenging and we are looking for a very special home to meet his needs. Some of the aspects we are looking for to ensure Remy has the best possible home: *Breed experience. You do not have to have hunting experience or plan on hunting with Remy, however a home with field dog experience is preferred. There are many variations within the breed and a gsp from pet lines is very different than a gsp from field lines. We want to know that you are ready to take on the challenges and joys of life with a dog bred for field work. As his previous owners stated at surrender "We were prepared for high energy, high drive; but we were not prepared for this." *A family with a history of positive reinforcement science based training or a willingness to learn will be essential. Because gsp behaviors can sometimes be challenging, we want to ensure that Remy is not abused in the name of "training" after he leaves our care. Positive does not mean permissive but it does mean well managed and prepared. It is proactive training not reactive. Therefore, we are looking for a home that is committed to teaching Remy without force, fear, intimidation, or pain. This means no shock collars, bark collars, prong collars, or choke chains. We are looking for a family that has a plan in place before Remy even arrives for how they will handle behaviors in a positive way. *Exercise: GSPs need a lot of the RIGHT kind of exercise. Backyard play is not enough. 20 minutes of fetch is not enough. Running beside you for 8 miles on leash creates an athlete but is not enough. These dogs are selectively bred to run free for HOURS (often upwards of 8 hours) per day. Remy's future home will need to have access to somewhere he can run off leash safely 2-3 times a week. They do not need to run like this daily, other exercise can suffice sometimes, but their emotional well being needs supervised off leash running. *Remy is dog tolerant. He mostly gets along well with other dogs. However, he can get over aroused and need to be separated at times. During these times I have not seen aggressive behavior from him, but he also does not read the other dog's social cues well so could end up forcing an attack with the wrong dog if not supervised. *Remy has already had a foreign body surgery for eating a walnut. He hasn't shown much interest in balls, but will become joyous and start bounding happily when he finds a walnut. We have been working hard on his "drop it" cue so he drops it as joyously as he picks it up to ensure we don't have a repeat performance. Remy's forever home will also want to consider that he will need to be monitored consistently and left in puppy proofed spaces. *Remy is crate and house trained. He has had no accidents here at all. However, this is not a breed that should be over crated. So we are looking for Remy's forever home to have alternative plans for busy days and nights. *In true GSP form, Remy is a talker, He has a lot to say unless he's asleep. He often tells us when he is unhappy because he is in the fence and we are out, or first thing in the morning when I haven't gotten to him yet. Remy is looking for a home that will embrace this about him and not punish him for this. We realize we have very high expectations for Remy's new family. But unfortunately, although this breed is highly desired, they are often returned when adopters don't fully realize what they are getting into. We don't want that for Remy. We want Remy's forever home to not only care for him, but embrace the wild and wonderful ride that is life with a GSP, and be committed to meeting his physical and emotional needs. show less