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Dogs and Cats of the Dominican Republic

, Mississauga, ON, L5S 1W9

Rescue/Shelter Description

Please check out our adoption album to find those dogs and cats that are available for adoption that are in foster care in Canada as well as all the wonderful Coconut Hounds and Coconut Cats we are fostering in the Dominican Republic. With flights opening up from Canada we are now fully open for adoptions and between regular airlines and possible charters our goal is to get you your new family member in 90 days or less. We will also continue to accept new applications for adoptions on island. Sadly the U.S. has banned the import of dogs to the United States from 113 countries, including the Dominican Republic. We are unable to adopt dogs to the United States at this time, but can send cats to certain locations (NY, Boston).

Areas Served

Dogs and Cats of the Dominican Republic is a U.S. 501 c 3 nonprofit and a Canadian Registered Charity that is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the animals of the Dominican Republic. We are an all volunteer organization that adopts animals off of the streets of the Dominican Republic, performs spay/neuter clinics to keep the animal population down, provides education to help the Dominicans help their animals, provide emergency vet services, and perform community outreach where we go out and provide parasite medicines, basic care, and a little love to over 2,000 animals a month.

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Dogs and Cats of the Dominican Republic currently has no pets available for adoption.