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Sonomas Haven Inc

Sonomas Haven Inc Sonomas Haven Inc, Sealy, TX, 77474

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Sonoma's Haven Inc. 501(c)3 organization was founded in June 2015 after seeing the shortage of fosters that are able to take in rescue dogs needing a safe place to stay until they are adopted. This is a crucial part of the process and Sonoma’s Haven is here to help the rescues. Without space for a dog to go they are unable to intake the dog. Sometimes the situation is urgent and they cannot wait for a foster to step up or the dog might need help medically and emotionally before its ready to be in a home setting. Our organization creates a safe atmosphere for dogs to begin the process of healing and learning the joys of life. We finished our new facility in Sealy, Tx in June 2018. We were able to include a lounge area in our building design which allows dogs to enjoy some of the things usually only dogs in a home environment experience. The lounge includes super comfy couches for them to hang out on and decompress and just get some one on one attention from staff and volunteers. All of our staff members have a passion for caring for these dogs that stay with us. We get to be a stepping stone for these dogs as they learn how to trust humans again and enjoy what it is supposed to be like for a dog. We have a large fenced area that they get to run and play in. Understanding that the dogs here are searching for that perfect foster/forever home we like to capture photos and videos of the dogs to assist the rescues in their efforts to network the dogs.

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Labrador Retriever

Hello! My name is Jeffrey Breed: Labrador retriever Mix  Age: 5-6 Size: 72 lbs Energy level: medium to high Training achievements: potty... show more

Hello! My name is Jeffrey Breed: Labrador retriever Mix  Age: 5-6 Size: 72 lbs Energy level: medium to high Training achievements: potty trained, leash trained, very calm on walks. No pulls. Good with: Dogs, children (of all ages), all people. Cats unknown I am a goofball who is leaning how to play, how to trust, and how to be patient when it’s time to go for a walk! Working on my separation anxiety as I was abandoned, who knows how many times. I go all in when it comes to loving my human! Health: very healthy and strong. Just completed heartworm treatment and it has been a success so far! Here is more about me . . . Jeffrey is an extremely loving, patient, yet anxious dog who developed his anxiety from being abandoned. There are many forms of anxiety in dogs, but it breaks my heart to know that Jeff’s anxiety stems from the fear of being abandoned yet again. He fears not being good enough, he fears being left behind, he fears being kept in closed rooms or closed kennels, he fears not being right next to his favorite human. I have fostered Jeffrey for about 5-6 months and I can say with certainty, that it is true that you must allow abused and neglected dogs the time to decompress and feel safe in order to learn to trust. I don’t even think about the why, what, etc. of Jeffrey’s past. I focus on the present and how I can best help Jeff. He doesn’t do well with negative reinforcements, just like any other being. Jeff does best with patience and trust. With this being said, let’s learn more about Mr. Jeffrey here! What is a Goonie? A goonie is a slang word for foolish, silly, or awkward. Jeffrey is a goonie! He is a major goofball, he never knew playtime or toys. It took him a while to learn how to properly play with other dogs. He has never been aggressive with any of the dogs in my pack; however, he was intimidated by them. He was not received so well because of his anxiety, but he learned to feel safe around them and still a goonie, he would chase the pack at play and bark loudly! He thinks that is the way to play. It is not. That is the way to start a pack fight and he will be very confused when all goes wrong. Jeffrey ends up on the wrong end of that scuffle, but Jeffrey is learning more progressively nowadays. He never has exhibit aggression, other than his awkward anxiety. Aside from being a goonie, Jeffrey is a very loving dog who loves to be right next to you. He gives the most loving looks and loves to cuddle. He definitely would make a great companion for someone who suffers from anxiety as well or for someone who is wanting to grow along with their newly adopted dog. Jeffrey is a great candidate for a family with kiddos as he loves children and people of all types and ages. Jeffrey does not leave your side while outside. However, it’s refreshing when he finally says, “it’s ok mom! I think I am going to stay outside for a bit and be a dog!” He has his moments of being independent. Overall, Jeffrey needs a very patient and loving environment that is willing to grow and learn with him. Willing to trust each other and have the patience to teach him how to relax and that he is safe and a part of your family, pack, and life. He has a lot of love to give and for that, I know that who ever chooses Jeffrey, he will choose right back, and you will just how amazing he truly is! We offer a two week foster to adopt trial period for local adopters Jeffreys adoption fee is $300 which includes him being neutered, up to date on vaccinations, completed heartworm treament and mirochipped.  show less