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Storm’s Angels

PO Box 259 , Lorain, OH, 44052

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Storm’s Angels was created in honor of the founder's first dog “Queen Night Storm”. She was rescued from a puppy mill. She ended up becoming Diabetic and then slowly lost her eyesight and hearing as she aged. Storm lived 7 years as a Diabetic and was managed at home. She developed degenerative myelopathy around 11 years old and was in a wheelchair until she passed away from bladder cancer at almost 14. Storm’s Angels saves companion animals in her honor. We focus on animals who are not considered adoptable. We work to rehabilitate these animals and place them into forever homes.

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Domestic Short Hair

So this lovely cat is Amy. She had come a long way from when she was first trapped to now. So here is her story...she was seen by a home... show more

So this lovely cat is Amy. She had come a long way from when she was first trapped to now. So here is her story...she was seen by a homeowner and she stayed under his statue and she had kittens under the statue. So I went out and seen when she was coming to feed/stay with her kittens. She didnt understand the trap and why the good smelling food was out of reach for her. She was not going in the trap. Dont know if she was worried about her kittens or she just didnt want to go into it. So I try trapping, one was a bust... day two she ended up moving them and thankfully I seen her moving them. And she moved them to the neighbors yard. But day two was also a on day three its pouring down rain and she really didnt have any surrounding shelter. So I talked to the neighbor and she was in between a 6ft fence and a garage. So the neighbor removed one side of the fence. And at that point Amy was scared and bolted. Well Amy was soaked and her kittens were starting to get soaked. So I grabbed them up and dried them off and put them in a carrier. Asked the neighbor if I could set a trap under his awning off the garage so the babies would stay dry, and of course he said yes. Well I went and sat in my car and nothing mom was not coming back so I left, maybe she knew my car and didnt want to be around if i was there. I went home to change my clothes because I was drenched and on my drive back to the trap i call Brandy, she is a trapper in lorain and I tell her my situation and ask her all these questions and I ask her what I'm doing wrong or if there is anything else I should be trying and she was telling me I'm doing everything right. So I'm now arriving at the trap and I'm like Brandy the trap is down, there is something in it. Shes like hopefully its mom. Oh my god the sigh of relief when I pull the blanket up. ITS MOM!!! Yay, let me tell you I was so happy and grateful that she finally went in the trap. So by this time it was late and I told Stephanie I got mom finally. And she said for me to take her home and we will intake mom and the babies tomorrow. So I get her into a cage with all the babies. The little family does great over night. Then the next day somehow i get mom into a carrier, and get the babies into a different carrier. And take them to the office. Once we got time to get mom and do the intake she squirmed out of someone's hands and was jumping around the room and launching herself everywhere. Well she ended up getting into the attic....ugh why she did this who knows. By this time her babies were crying because they were hungry, so they were tube fed and they went back to sleep. That night they were also tube fed. We couldnt get mom that night. So we ended up setting a trap in the attic and the next morning she was in it. After another sigh of relief. And happiness that she can feed her babies. We finally got to intake mom and she was covered with a blanket, we weren't going to lose her this time. So after getting her intake done we put her back with her babies. She went with a different foster because I dont foster babies. But she was in great hands. Amy ended up not wanting to feed her babies and she was on the list to get spayed. She ended up getting spayed and I told the other foster I'll foster mom since shes feral. Well now she has been with me for a while and she wants to have her head petted and she is talking to me. She is coming around. She does have a little attitude still but she is getting better. She loves head rubs. Still trying to rub her back and shes not to happy about it but shes not running away from it. So now that she is getting better she is looking for a forever home that she can call her own. show less