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Female Adult Domestic Shorthair /

If you have questions about Myers please contact

SPCA of Hancock County

About Myers

Myers originally came to us as a kitten in October 2019, hence her spooky name of Michael Myers. She was returned this year in April and truly hates it here. There is too much sound and movement for her taste. For now, she claims the top of the cat tree in one of our community rooms, cuddling with her cat friend Gable. Myers and her friend Gable, who you can also find up for adoption, have grown to have a special bond. They enjoy their days snuggling in their cat tree and watching us out the windows. We are asking people to adopt them together, but we understand that bonding them will make it that much harder for them to find a home. Gable and Myers love each other, so we ask that you consider adopting these to love birds as a pair. She loves to give hugs on her own terms and is very snuggly once she gets to know you! If you're looking for a black and white fluffy kitty to perch on a tall cat tree and watch her new family while looking very cute with her man by her side, she just might be your girl.

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Pit Bull Terrier

Jemma is an old fashioned dog.  What does that mean?  Well, back when some of us were kids, people had dogs to guard the house.  These w... show more

Jemma is an old fashioned dog.  What does that mean?  Well, back when some of us were kids, people had dogs to guard the house.  These were dogs that barked their heads off whenever someone came to the house.  They got put in the backyard when visitors came, and we were told to leave them alone so they wouldn't bite us.  We listened.  These were fine dogs who were good with their family.  Nobody dressed them up in tutus or put them in strollers or gave them birthday parties with their doggie friends in a gazebo.  Today, these dogs would be called reactive or aggressive and they are really hard to adopt out.  Jemma has bitten strangers but she has never offered to bite familiar handlers.  In situations where any dog might bite (such as being accidentally fallen on, trying to trim her toenails) Jemma has kept her cool. She will be a terrifically loyal friend and a good dog if you keep her at home and keep strangers away from her. To make Jemma into a different dog is going to take a lot of time, patience, and commitment but is theoretically possible.  Jemma been evaluated by 3 trainers and has a training plan.  She learns quickly and trusts her handler.  She has gotten to know various new staff at the SPCA without issues.  We love Jemma just the way she is, and hope someone else out there can appreciate her too. Jemma has specific adoption requirements.  For more information, please call and speak with the Animal Care Manager. Many times folks will fall in love at first sight with a dog and feel sure that they can work through behavior issues.  We wish that was enough for a happy-ever-after story.  Our advice when thinking about adopting a dog with challenging behaviors is to consider how much you would need to alter your lifestyle to accommodate the dog's needs.  If significant behavior change is required on YOUR part, that is already a big barrier to forming a successful relationship with a new dog.  Compatability is key. show less

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Midnight Snack

Domestic Shorthair

Midnight Snack came to us at the beginning of the new year, and sadly her luck has not gotten better within the age of 2021. She is our... show more

Midnight Snack came to us at the beginning of the new year, and sadly her luck has not gotten better within the age of 2021. She is our longest feline resident, and probably will be for some time. She was brought in when her owner passed away, and her family couldn’t take care of her. Midnight has chronic diarrhea and has been in and out of the vet the whole time she’s been in our care. We have been trying different foods as well as medications to see if anything will work for poor midnight. She has the loudest purr and loves to cuddle and sit with her favorite humans. Midnight does not like other cats or dogs, but she will go wild over her person and a warm spot to nap! It will take a very special home to be able to take care of our girl. At the moment, she is getting frequent enemas as well as fluids to keep her hydrated. Midnight is also going to be starting a steroid treatment, and hopefully, that will bring this poor girl some relief. We realize that it will take her a while to find the perfect home that is able to deal with all of her medical problems, and we are open to foster to adopt until we get her issues under control, but we all would appreciate someone taking over her medical costs. So we thought we’d start now. What do you think, do you think you have it in your heart to care for Midnight Snack? show less