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Male Adult Staffordshire Bull Terrier /

This Pet is no longer available. Below you can find other pets in SPCA of Hancock County

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SPCA of Hancock County

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About Rocky

Staffie Terrier, golden fawn
Male, 6 years old

Special notes: very loyal and protective of his people, not good with other dogs or cats, needs to be watched carefully outdoors

“I bet I know what you’re thinking, ‘Oh boy, another pittie that isn’t good with dogs or cats, he’s dangerous.’ I know some people think my breed is the worst. I get that. But you know what? That don’t matter because I’m FUN. Sure, I’m not good with other dogs or cats or animals in general; too high of a prey drive, but I’m super fun with people. I love belly rubs, as attested to by everyone that’s met me. I just really like to ham it up, you know? YOLO, which I just think is fun to say. YOLO, YOLO, YOLO.

“I’m not one of those hyper crazy dogs though. I am just as happy vegging out with my people. We could watch TV all day and I won’t judge you. Then again, are people still judging each other for that nowadays? Anywhoozles, I’d make a great buddy for an adult household with a fenced-in yard, if I’m gonna dream up a perfect home. Little ones can’t control me on my leash if I see another dog or cat or something that I might want to chase, so I need someone who can handle me.

“I know it sounds like a lot of ‘no this, no that’ with me, but I hope someone can look past that and see that I’d be a great buddy to hang out with and spend a life with. I just need the right home. Some of you might remember me from before, and the family that took me was super great, but something happened, I maybe was a bad boy toward a neighbor’s animal when I got loose one day, and now I’m here for my own safety and happiness. Yeah, I can’t help it. I just got a naughty streak. But I swear, that’s the worst of it! Honest to Rocky! That’s me. I’m Rocky.”

Can't adopt Rocky but want to help him out? You can always make a small donation to support him. If you want to do even more, you can consider sponsoring a kennel for a year. These options and more are available at our website,

If you would like to know more about Rocky, please feel free to get in touch with us through email or by calling us at 667-8088 from 11 am to 5 pm.

PLEASE NOTE: During our adoption process, we will do a vet check on your current pets or previous pets from the past 10 years to make sure they've been up-to-date with rabies shots (required by law for dogs and cats) and vaccines. We also will do a check with your landlord if you rent.

Adoption Fee: $Adult Dog (1 yr - 7 yr) 150.00

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This Pet is no longer available. Below you can find other pets in SPCA of Hancock County


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Must be an only pet. Does not like other dogs, cats, or small animals. While he is not aggressive to kids, because of his aggression toward other animals, we caution him against being in a household with small children since they would not be able to restrain him.
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Pit Bull Terrier

Jemma has a history of multiple serious bites.  She has been evaluated for adoptability by several trainers and given the green light, w... show more

Jemma has a history of multiple serious bites.  She has been evaluated for adoptability by several trainers and given the green light, with certain restrictions.  She is receiving training plus medication to lower her reactivity level and is doing well.  She is available only to VERY qualified applicants who meet specific requirements.  Jemma is a rewarding companion and loyal friend but she is NOT temperamentally suited to be a "family pet" who frolics happily at picnics, plays with grandchildren, and goes shopping at the pet store.  That's not who she is, and we respect that.  She requires a quiet home with one or two quiet people who have experience with high intensity dogs. What we love about Jemma: she has really good communication skills when she has bonded with you.  If you watch her eyes she tells you exactly what she wants -  a treat from the cookie jar, a long walk in the woods, rummaging in the toy box in our Real Life Room, playing tug, or an intense session with her ball.  In contrast to most dogs we work with at the SPCA, Jemma is a joy to walk in the woods.  She wears a front enclosure harness and walks with a 15 foot leash on our private trails...if you trip over a stump and crash she comes back to make sure you're ok, she knows the command "go around" to unwrap herself from trees, doesn't argue if you change direction, doesn't drag you through thickets to chase squirrels, and she poops in the rough.  We like her grunty groans when she gets butt scritches. Adoption requirements for Jemma are as follows: home ownership within a one hour radius of the SPCA, adults only, no other pets, continuing behavior modification with an approved trainer, a pre-approval home visit by SPCA staff,  and continuing home visits throughout the pre-adoption foster period.  Jemma must wear a muzzle in public.  For more information, please call and speak with the Animal Care Manager. Many times folks will fall in love at first sight with a dog and feel sure that they can work through behavior issues.  We wish that was enough for a happy-ever-after story.  Our advice when thinking about adopting a dog with challenging behaviors is to consider how much you would need to alter your lifestyle to accommodate the dog's needs.  If significant behavior change is required on YOUR part, that is already a big barrier to forming a successful relationship with a new dog.  Compatability is key. show less

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Midnight Snack

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Midnight Snack came to us at the beginning of the new year, and sadly her luck has not gotten better within the age of 2021. She is our longest feline resident, and probably will be for some time. She was brought in when her owner passed away, and her family couldn’t take care of her. Midnight has chronic diarrhea and has been in and out of the vet the whole time she’s been in our care. We have been trying different foods as well as medications to see if anything will work for poor midnight. She has the loudest purr and loves to cuddle and sit with her favorite humans. Midnight does not like other cats or dogs, but she will go wild over her person and a warm spot to nap! It will take a very special home to be able to take care of our girl. At the moment, she is getting frequent enemas as well as fluids to keep her hydrated. Midnight is also going to be starting a steroid treatment, and hopefully, that will bring this poor girl some relief. We realize that it will take her a while to find the perfect home that is able to deal with all of her medical problems, and we are open to foster to adopt until we get her issues under control, but we all would appreciate someone taking over her medical costs. So we thought we’d start now. What do you think, do you think you have it in your heart to care for Midnight Snack? show less