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Female Adult Domestic Short Hair / Domestic Shorthair

This Pet is no longer available. Below you can find other pets in SPCA of Hancock County

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About Daffodil

DSH, Calico
Female, 2 years old

“One moment I’m a stray, the next I’m in a safe and warm shelter with food and water and blankies and a clean potty! I guess it’s not SO bad, but it’s different, okay, and it takes time to get used to different. I’m gonna huddle up in the back of my kennel right now and just try to figure out what everyone’s after, if there’s like an angle to all this kindness or what. Then maybe I’ll let you all know more about me.

"Now that I've had some time to settle in the shelter, I've decided ... this is nice! I've been showing what a sweet, loving, and silly kitty I am. I love giving the staff rubs and greetings, as you can see in the videos, and I am SUPER expressive. I have a face that just animates a ton. I can't wait to be someone's loving housecat! I'm fine with the idae of human children - more people to love on! - but I'm still not so sure about other animals.

"I've since gotten used to people and decided that as long as I get to love you on my terms, I LOVE people. I have my calico personality so I don't really like being told what to do when I don't feel like doing it, but I would love to be a buddy to an older couple or someone who could use a companion. I'm not too keen on other cats and have gotten territorial when visitors came by my home; that led to me biting at my owner at the time, which scared them. Redirected aggression is kind of common in us cats, though, especially when we're guarding our turf and letting others know who is the boss. I really didn't mean any harm and have been good for my handlers here at the shelter. I would really love to go to a home and stay there."

PLEASE NOTE: During our adoption process, we will do a vet check on your current pets or previous pets from the past 10 years to make sure they've been up-to-date with rabies shots (required by law for dogs and cats) and vaccines. We also will do a check with your landlord if you rent.

Adoption Fee: $Adult Cat (6 mo - 7 yr) 150.00

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This Pet is no longer available. Below you can find other pets in SPCA of Hancock County


3 years, 3 months
6.1 lbs
Shots up to date
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Ok with kids
Spayed / Neutered
Ok with dogs
Not Sure
Ok with cats
Not Sure
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Henry Hudson

Domestic Shorthair

 Hello, my name is Henry Hudson, but you can call me “Henry”. I am an older boy, the ladies here think I’m about 13 years old. I first c... show more

 Hello, my name is Henry Hudson, but you can call me “Henry”. I am an older boy, the ladies here think I’m about 13 years old. I first came here with my sister Zoe after my owner died and I was left outdoors. I got rescued and brought to the stray holding facility and finally here to the SPCA to find me a forever home. Because of my age, I, of course, have my fair share of ailments and disabilities. I struggle with diabetes and keeping my glucose level in the right spot. I eat a more expensive low carb low calorie, high protein diet; and get twice daily insulin. I don’t mind the shot, especially if I get some food with it! I also have an ache in my back legs, what did I tell you about those darn aches and pains that come with old age! I am a very sweet boy and I promise I will love you for the rest of my life. I have never met anyone I haven’t liked, except maybe a few cats. As I mentioned before, I lived with a few cats, but since then, they have started to annoy me. As long as I have my space and I’m able to be left to cuddle and sleep, the world will hold together. I have not been tested with dogs, but judging by my personality, I don’t think I’d mind them! I enjoy riding around on people’s shoulders, they are my leg up in this world. I’ve had a very hard life, I just need someone to make the commitment and take me home to spend the rest of my days. If you have any questions about me or my special needs, please don’t hesitate to ask these nice ladies at the shelter, they just want the best for me too. show less

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Pit Bull Terrier

Jemma is an old fashioned dog.  What does that mean?  Well, back when some of us were kids, people had dogs to guard the house.  These w... show more

Jemma is an old fashioned dog.  What does that mean?  Well, back when some of us were kids, people had dogs to guard the house.  These were dogs that barked their heads off whenever someone came to the house.  They got put in the backyard when visitors came, and we were told to leave them alone so they wouldn't bite us.  We listened.  These were fine dogs who were good with their family.  Nobody dressed them up in tutus or put them in strollers or gave them birthday parties with their doggie friends in a gazebo.  Today, these dogs would be called reactive or aggressive and they are really hard to adopt out.  Jemma has bitten strangers but she has never offered to bite familiar handlers.  In situations where any dog might bite (such as being accidentally fallen on, trying to trim her toenails) Jemma has kept her cool. She will be a terrifically loyal friend and a good dog if you keep her at home and keep strangers away from her. To make Jemma into a different dog is going to take a lot of time, patience, and commitment but is theoretically possible.  Jemma been evaluated by 3 trainers and has a training plan.  She learns quickly and trusts her handler.  She has gotten to know various new staff at the SPCA without issues.  We love Jemma just the way she is, and hope someone else out there can appreciate her too. Jemma has specific adoption requirements.  For more information, please call and speak with the Animal Care Manager. Many times folks will fall in love at first sight with a dog and feel sure that they can work through behavior issues.  We wish that was enough for a happy-ever-after story.  Our advice when thinking about adopting a dog with challenging behaviors is to consider how much you would need to alter your lifestyle to accommodate the dog's needs.  If significant behavior change is required on YOUR part, that is already a big barrier to forming a successful relationship with a new dog.  Compatability is key. show less