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Female Adult American Staffordshire Terrier /

This Pet is no longer available. Below you can find other pets in Oklahoma Alliance for Animals

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About Jasmine

Jasmine was found as a stray in Tulsa. She was picked up by an OAA volunteer and taken to the vet. She was in rough shape and had heartworms. Today, Jasmine is heartworm free and ready to find a home of her own. She's a lovely, energetic girl who will make a great companion. 

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This Pet is no longer available. Below you can find other pets in Oklahoma Alliance for Animals


5 years, 4 months
Shots up to date
Ok with kids
Not Sure
Spayed / Neutered
Ok with dogs
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Hello potential adopter! We have fostered Midnight for two months and she has been such a sweet and loving girl. After a few days she st... show more

Hello potential adopter! We have fostered Midnight for two months and she has been such a sweet and loving girl. After a few days she started to “smile” when we talked to her. She has a very good recall and is always happy to come to you. She definitely is driven to please her person. She is really good in her crate and we use the sentence “get in bed” (followed by a treat) to tell her when we want her to get in her crate. She stays in there between 4-6 hours a day and then about 8 hours at night. At first she would cry when we put her in there but we noticed if we left a lamp on for her so she could see our bedroom door from her crate she calmed down immediately. We did let her sleep on the bed sometimes and she was perfect. She curled up on the corner and never woke me up, which is rare. She really likes to sit next to you on the couch or sometimes she tries to sit on your lap. If you are sitting on the floor with your legs criss-crossed she will try to sit on you like a chair- it’s pretty cute. She likes to sun bath and she uses our patio furniture like a human would. She is house trained, but we don’t know her signal she uses to ask to go outside because we have a dog door that is almost always open, so she just lets herself out. On the days we didn’t have it open we just needed to remember to take her out (our resident dog uses bells, so we really had to set an alarm to remind us to take her out). She does not use the restroom in her crate. She loves her toys, especially the tan colored plastic bone and the antlers. She wouldn’t touch them for the first week or two weeks, though. After she settled she always had a toy in her mouth. Her favorite toys have stuffing she can pull it out slowly. If you have another dog I would recommend not having them interact for the first couple weeks. We kept her separated from our male dog for at least two weeks because we thought she didn’t like him (in her defense, he can be a bit much). Around the 3 week mark she started trying to play, but she is twice the size of our dog and she was too rough and loud for him. Fast forward another 3 weeks and they are great at playing together. She learned very quickly that she doesn’t get to play if she is loud or rough, so she toned it down and really is such a perfect little player. They wrestle back and forth all day and they know when to give themselves time outs to calm down. She likes to play chase, but mostly wrestle. Our dog is rude and steals toys and she just lets him take them, even high value toys like antlers. She is very tolerant of our young dog. She will be a great guard dog. We felt much safer having her at our house. She will be protective of you and your belongings, so if you have a lot of house guests you would need a place to keep her out of the way and safe. She really did not seem to like visitors at our house but she has become very protective of us it appears. When we passed people on walks she never barked at them, but she would take note of who was close to us. Due to her sad past she needs to be fed where other dogs can’t see her eat. She was very vocal about our dog seeing her eat at first, but she has relaxed significantly. We still feed her alone to respect her boundaries and make sure she feels safe and this should be continued. We put her in the shower and she was a sweet girl about bathing. Overall, if you adopted her we feel you would get a dog that is: Loving (as in she would be in love with you!), Loyal, Protective, Chill when you just want to read or watch TV, A good player with other dogs (after a few weeks), Silly, Smiley. She really likes those bacon strip dog treats. It’s what we give her when she gets in her crate on command. She knows that she can’t jump on you, she never begs for food and she doesn’t even stare at you when you eat, she knows how to get in her crate on command and she has an amazing recall with her name. Even if she is focused on something she will come to her name immediately.  Midnight visits doggie daycare often and does exceptionally well there. show less