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Male Adult Pit Bull Terrier / 31 Flavors Mixes

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About Bread

Bread A234121 Sex: Male Age: 2 years Arrived On: 10/9/21 as a Stray Handling 10/20: Handling video: Leash Test: Carb loading never looked so good! Bread is a special boy. He hit us with the heart melting combo of belly rubs and paw holding pretty quickly into our first meeting. Bread was easy to leash and get outside. He wants attention right away, but doesn’t really jump for it. It’s more of a stand and trust fall. Right away we noticed that he’s a little sick with infection in his eyes and other places. Well good thing he landed at the shelter! Bread was content to just sit in our nook while we pet and praised him. He didn’t need to run around, play with toys, or eat a bunch of treats to be satisfied. He’s pretty darn amazing!

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American Staffordshire Terrier

Berlin A228287 Berlin is a 4 year old female who came into the shelter on 6/3/21 as a stray. Handling 10/2: show more

Berlin A228287 Berlin is a 4 year old female who came into the shelter on 6/3/21 as a stray. Handling 10/2: Handling 8/26: Handling: OCTOBER - Berlin is chock-full of personality. She pounces on her treats. She gives tennis balls play-bows. And she loves to roll on her back in the grass with a toy in her mouth. Berlin hops around the playlot, usually with a tennis ball in her mouth. She is happy to play on her own, but will check you out if you have some tasty treats. Berlin is a great size and just needs a small patch of grass in her forever home and a few tennis balls to keep her smiling. JUNE - Sweet little Berlin is barely a year old, but when she first came to shelter, she acted like she had been through hell and back. Berlin came in as a stray and we don't know what happened to her in her young life, whatever it was, it made her terrified of the leash. It took a lot of decompression time, many attempts and a ton of patience, but we finally got that leash on little miss stubborn. Every time Berlin comes out, it's a little bit easier to get that leash on. Outside, Berlin is now acting like a typical puppy; she runs, she chases toys, she plays tug, and she smiles. Berlin loves to get pets and attention, and is even starting to like and trust humans. Berlin is just a pup who needs someone to show her how wonderful life can be, leashes and all. show less

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Pit Bull Terrier

Maple A199064 Maple is an 8 year old male who came into the shelter on 9/25/21 as a stray. Handling video: show more

Maple A199064 Maple is an 8 year old male who came into the shelter on 9/25/21 as a stray. Handling video: Maple is a return customer and that stinks, especially since he’s a senior boy. It’s only been two years since we’ve seen him but looking at old videos, he seems so much older. Maple remembers the shelter routine and comes out easily. He sits on command and takes treats gently but hasn’t picked up any new tricks. Maple allows handling all over and isn’t jumpy no matter what level we are on. His coat has seen better days. There are some hot spots around his back side and neck possibly from being tied out. One big change we noticed is his dog tolerance. He absolutely doesn’t want four legged friends anymore. Maple deserves to be pampered into his golden years with a family that loves him. ** 2019 INFO ** HANDLING: HANDLING 5/21: PLAYGROUP 5/29: Maple is such a big sweetie!! So curious about the play yard, seems very interested in other dogs! Wags his tail when he sees them! Poor boy has some evidence of injury to his snout, it’s dry and crusted with some scabbing. He allows handling and seems ok with treats, was more interested in the environment than food ! Can’t wait to see his personality emerge !! Maple has started to attend dog playgroup. He can vocalize a lot when he’s waiting to enter the playlot on leash. He likes super fast chase and can be a little much when he catches up with his play partners. He would benefit from tolerant play partners who can put up with his occasional overwhelming behavior. show less