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Female Adult Pit Bull Terrier / 31 Flavors Mixes

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About Arabella

Arabella A233390 Sex: Female Age: 1.5 years Arrived On: 9/27/21 as an Owner Surrender Handling video: Leash Test: It doesn’t matter how many skin and bones dogs we see, it’s still gut wrenching each time. Worse are the surrenders that come in neglected. Someone knowingly let this level of neglect happen. We will never understand. Arabella is one of those dogs that breaks our hearts with her body condition. She’s understandably hungry and jumpy. She was easy enough to get leashed and outside. Once she got a whiff of our treat stash that is all she wanted. Her nails are razor sharp and seem like they’ve never been trimmed, but she doesn’t understand that they hurt and definitely isn’t trying to scratch us. Arabella craves attention and allows handling all over. She even sits on command. We are going to work on getting her to a healthy weight while her future family works on finding her.

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American Staffordshire Terrier

Berlin A228287 Berlin is a 4 year old female who came into the shelter on 6/3/21 as a stray. Handling 10/2: show more

Berlin A228287 Berlin is a 4 year old female who came into the shelter on 6/3/21 as a stray. Handling 10/2: Handling 8/26: Handling: OCTOBER - Berlin is chock-full of personality. She pounces on her treats. She gives tennis balls play-bows. And she loves to roll on her back in the grass with a toy in her mouth. Berlin hops around the playlot, usually with a tennis ball in her mouth. She is happy to play on her own, but will check you out if you have some tasty treats. Berlin is a great size and just needs a small patch of grass in her forever home and a few tennis balls to keep her smiling. JUNE - Sweet little Berlin is barely a year old, but when she first came to shelter, she acted like she had been through hell and back. Berlin came in as a stray and we don't know what happened to her in her young life, whatever it was, it made her terrified of the leash. It took a lot of decompression time, many attempts and a ton of patience, but we finally got that leash on little miss stubborn. Every time Berlin comes out, it's a little bit easier to get that leash on. Outside, Berlin is now acting like a typical puppy; she runs, she chases toys, she plays tug, and she smiles. Berlin loves to get pets and attention, and is even starting to like and trust humans. Berlin is just a pup who needs someone to show her how wonderful life can be, leashes and all. show less

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Pit Bull Terrier

Cherub A230676 Sex: Male Age: 4 years Arrived On: 7/31/21 as a Stray Handling 10/2: Handling 9/26: https... show more

Cherub A230676 Sex: Male Age: 4 years Arrived On: 7/31/21 as a Stray Handling 10/2: Handling 9/26: Handling video: Leash test: Playgroup: Playgroup: SEPTEMBER - All Cherub needs to make him happy is a couple tennis balls. Really - that's it. He'll roll around with them, chew them and make a little pile of them if he can. When he doesn't have a tennis ball in his mouth, Cherub loves to have treats. He's great at catching them and sniffing them out when they fall on the ground. Cherub would love a home with someone who plays tennis so he will have a never-ending supply of tennis balls. JULY - Cherub got his name because he, well, looks like one! He's a good-spirited dog who absolutely loves to play and fetch (he'll return and drop the ball every single time, too). Cherub knows 'sit' and takes treats gently in exchange. He's affectionate but can also be independent. Cherub has FOMO around other dogs and seems like he's eager to socialize -- he's a one-man welcome wagon. His approach can be overwhelming to some dogs though. Cherub loves to be pet (especially booty rubs) and is easy to handle overall. show less