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Female Adult American Pit Bull Terrier / Husky

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San Jose Animal Care Center

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10/22/21 15:14Reason animal needs rescue: Trembling, owner seeking and unable to complete handlingType: BEHAVIORDate animal needs rescue by: (date removed)Impound type: OWNER SURRENDERAdditional notes: Owner is surrendering because the dog has issues with their cats. OWNER REPORTS: Also dog is very insecure and scared when around children and some men. Upon intake dog was growling/barking at me. BC Dog was adopted in September/2021 behavior notes report trembling and avoiding. At the kennel is in the back trembling and avoiding, no response to coaxing. Able to half down the divder still in the back away from handler. When handler moves away runs out of kennel, able to leash slowly. Owner seeking in courtyard, pulls on the leash. No interest in handler or helper dog is more interested in surroundings. Recommend further evaluation AVega10/27/21 16:24 Improvement, evade leash but was able to leash and take out, still shaking but wamrs up to handler and able to walk. pulls on leash slightly. Re-evaluate (date removed)SH10/29/21 09:40 Now passing behavior

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