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Adopt Teddy D4478

Male Young Poodle (Standard) / Lhasa Apso

This Pet is no longer available. Below you can find other pets in Furry Friends Rescue
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Angel D7489 & 5 puppies

Labrador Retriever

New urgent rescue from a shelter on 10/29/21. Precious Angel was very pregnant. Vet exam and ultrasound informed us that she will delive... show more

New urgent rescue from a shelter on 10/29/21. Precious Angel was very pregnant. Vet exam and ultrasound informed us that she will deliver her 5 pups in about 48 hours. Well the next evening on 10/30/21 she gave birth to 5 puppies (3 boys and 2 girls). Mom and all pups are doing great. She was nervous and confused at the shelter. Now safe and relaxing at her foster home. Angel needs healthy food love and TLC. HUGE thanks to her hero foster home for taking her in. Photos from her 1st hour. Thanks to the kind citizen who found her scared and hiding under a vehicle. Poor Angel. She was scared and pancaked to the floor so he had to carry her. They took care of her overnight and then the shelter took over and contacted us for emergency rescue. Once Angel feels safe she warms up and does well being guided on a leash. She is gentle friendly very sweet and likes being next to a person. Can you imagine how Angel felt left in the streets and so pregnant? We are so happy she's now safe and was able to gave birth to her puppies in a safe environment with lots of TLC! She and her puppies will not be ready for 2 months or more. About end of Dec. More details of their personalities and photos to come. NOTE: We will not review nor contact applications for mom or pups until 3rd week of DECEMBER. We will post the puppies when they are 7 weeks old. Pups will not be ready until after their vet care and over 8 weeks old. The pups will all need experienced guardians house with attached yard WFH/home enough to supervise and train/socialize a puppy. 11/5/21: Sadly Angel and her 5 nursing pups now need an experienced foster home ASAP due to current foster home's work hours size and health reasons. Angel goes out to yard for potty biz. She is smart and loving. When the pups are 8 weeks old we will need to separate them from Angel so will need more foster homes then. 11/21/21: URGENT! Need experienced and dedicated foster home. Current foster home are trying to hang on but they all must leave after Thanksgiving due to planned vacation. Angel is house-trained and goes out to backyard to take a break lounge (fresh air/sunshine) and potty needs. She is a sweetie and her 5 pups are now 3 weeks old and super adorable. show less

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Gibby (GA)

Siberian Husky

Gibby is very friendly with people likes car rides going on walks and runs and taking naps. He is good in the house and prefers to be in... show more

Gibby is very friendly with people likes car rides going on walks and runs and taking naps. He is good in the house and prefers to be inside during the day. He is house trained and exhibits no destructive behavior to belongings or furniture. He likes to be with people all day and sleep in bedroom. Doesn't like crates yet. He has had no signs of aggression when I've had him. He is a gentle guy and very trainable. He knows 'sit' and 'leave it' and is very obedient. He loves playing with dogs his size. To rough for smaller dogs. Best to be homed as a single dog or with a well adjusted friendly large dog for company. Gibson's exercise needs are low maintenance for his breed. He will sleep at your feet while you work from home or watch you cook and do chores. He has gone out dining and out shopping- he loves to meet people. I work full time and take him out in the evenings and mornings and that seems to be enough to keep him satisfied. He would be a great companion. I suspect he would like to run around with another furry companion if I had one for him. He plays with other friendly big dogs at the dog park! Gibby has growled at other dogs when approached by other dogs while he is on leash but has since shown improvement. He now attends doggy daycare and plays great with all the other dogs. He likes most dogs but will respond aggressively if a dog is aggressive with him. He does have separation anxiety but is manageable because he just wants a person with him. I hardly ever leave him alone except for short periods (10-15 minutes) but mainly lots of barking and trying to go through door or window to get to me. When left in the backyard for some time while knowing you're inside ( I watch him from a large window ) he will sleep by the door. He mainly wants to be by you. If there is another human out there he will follow them though- very friendly. He could benefit from crate training but I think it will take time. Lots of barking when left alone even for short periods of time He needs a human to feel secure- not necessarily the owner. He stays at a relative's house when I run errands and he does really well! He also regularly attends doggy daycare and has been doing very well there. Not an apartment/condo dog. He presents a prey drive - someone familiar with the husky breed will be a great match! No small animals cats or rural areas near livestock (cows sheep). He has learned to leave it with cats and squirrels on walks and will listen to command. But if he sees a cow or sheep he will pull very hard won't listen and wants to go after them. Must have strong person able to handle him on leash when he does pull. Gibby needs a home that has some prior dog experience. Kids 10+. He can be a little mouthy (not in an aggressive way) when you play with him. He also jumps when excited to see you or when he wants attention and could knock down a small child. Older children would probably be best. We are helping Gibby's current guardian to rehome him. Please fill out our online application and we will forward to them. Adoption fee would be minimum $100 donation to Furry Friends Rescue. If you have specific questions please send them through and we will put you in touch with his current guardian. show less

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Jodi D4435


8/4/21: Jodi (watch my new video! 9/12/2021) was adopted from us July 2020 but now needs a new adoption home due to son moving out (who... show more

8/4/21: Jodi (watch my new video! 9/12/2021) was adopted from us July 2020 but now needs a new adoption home due to son moving out (who was WFH) and parent's long work schedule change. She enjoys short walks (about 30 min) loves food and is a very sweet dog. Good with other dogs and calm. We originally rescued Jodi from a shelter. She is very sweet and gentle. Friendly and good with other dogs. Needs basic training and healthy food. She had all her vet care and spay surgery and is now relaxing. Jodi is very happy and doing great. More info. to come. Update from foster home: Jodi is a happy girl who follows us from room to room and loves sitting next to us on the couch. She is good with my dog but doesn't like playing with him. She goes out for 30 min walks and love it. She sleeps in the crate at night and sleeps through the night (doesn't trouble us). She has not had any accidents in the house (except for the first day) she knows how to use a doggie door and access backyard. Looking for a home with attached yard for her. She loves going for a walk and walks well on a leash. She is a super foodie and will eat whatever you give her (that's really a good thing about Jodi as my dog is a picky eater and it's so hard at times to feed him). Kids 10 yrs and up. Right now Jodi is fearful of being pick up (maybe she was dropped before) so foster home is working with her on being picked up. Learning she is safe. Will go onto foster home's laps. Update from foster home: Jodi has started opening up and now plays with our dog. She also has started trusting us comes and sits on our lap and seems OK when we try to pick her. She gets super excited when you take her out for a walk walks well on a leash and loves sniffing and meeting other friendly dogs. Jodi would be happiest with another gentle dog at home.YouTube: show less