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About Sprouty - ATL

Sprouty is a lover, and a huge cuddler! He just wants to be where you are. He will get spurts of energy, and then he will want to nap or beg for food until he is ready for more play time and snuggles. Sprouty loves to take in all the smells around him, and he is always up for an adventure in a new place. At times, he seems a little unsure of new people, but once he gets in a few sniffs to learn more about them, he's fine. Sprouty's foster mom noted that he gets the zoomies most often in the morning, which is his way of letting you know that he is ready for the day! When he needs to go outside, Sprouty will rub his body against furniture or walls. (His foster mom said this dance is quite hilarious and cute!) Sprouty can get scared of loud noises and is learning how to be comfortable in the crate. While Sprouty enjoys his walks, he can be a bit stubborn at times. And by that, we mean you might have to pick him up because he just flops down! He has met several dogs and been a polite boy. Some of Sprouty's favorite things are eating food and chilling outside in the sun! He is just such a sweet boy who has so much love to give. He will truly be someone's best friend! If you are interested in meeting him, you can schedule an appointment here: Current weight: 60 pounds Current age: 2 years

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Sprouty - ATL
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Boots - ATL

Domestic Short Hair

Boots and Cole are the cutest pair of kitties! These brothers from other mothers have been lifeline companions and depend on one other t... show more

Boots and Cole are the cutest pair of kitties! These brothers from other mothers have been lifeline companions and depend on one other to feel comfortable in their environment. In many ways, these two are yin and yang; while Cole has the quietest and cutest chirp, Boots likes to announce himself when he enters a room by letting out a loud meow before settling in his space. While Cole likes to just chill out, Boots is more adventurous and will be out and about the house during the day exploring. Cole prefers to hang out down low while Boots like to sit up high and survey everything. In fact, window watching is one of Boots's favorite activities. While neither of them are cuddly lap cats, Boots always wants to be in the same room as you. Cole, on the other hand, has been described as a "ghost cat". He tends to disappear for much of the day, but Cole will appear in his room every night, where he requests belly rubs (which he loves). Both cats, however, really love working out the scratch post. Neither one is toy centric and seem to prefer the scratching post above all toys. Boots & Cole are fine with their foster's dogs and are apathetic towards cats. (They won't engage or play with other cats.) Both are litterbox trained and have good house manners. If Boots needs to find Cole, he will howl until they are together. It has taken some time, but Boots and Cole have finally reached a daily routine that keeps them busy and happy in their foster home. They love attention and are affectionate but are not keen on being held. If you are interested in meeting Boots and Cole, and giving them the space and time to thrive, please submit an appointment request here (copy & paste in your web browser): Current age: 5 years old Current weight: 12 pounds show less