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Male Adult Pit Bull Terrier

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About Gazebo

Gazebo A229976 Gazebo is a 4 year old male who came into the shelter on July 14 as a stray. Handling video: Leash Test: Big boy Gazebo has cheeks made for squishing and kissing and pinching. He pleads with his big eyes to get out of his kennel. Gazebo can be strong on the leash when he’s excited but the longer he’s outside the less he pulls. He can be a busy body in the playlot running trying to check out all the activity around him. He doesn’t want to miss a thing. Gazebo comes when called but hasn’t shown any knowledge of commands and isn’t impressed by our selection of treats. He does pose for pictures and has a great head tilt. Gazebo doesn’t even mind playing dress up and is comfortable with all over handling. He doesn’t jump for attention and we don’t think he’s a big barker, not sure we’ve heard one from him. We think there is more to discover about Gazebo and we hope someone gets the chance to know him outside of the shelter soon.

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Pit Bull Terrier

Leonardo A228303 Leonardo is a 3 year old male who came into the shelter on 6/3 as a stray. Handling 6/8: show more

Leonardo A228303 Leonardo is a 3 year old male who came into the shelter on 6/3 as a stray. Handling 6/8: Handling: Leash Test: Some dogs come into the shelter and just trust you immediately. This is the case with Leonardo. When we approached his kennel, he immediately stood up and offered his head to be leashed. Leonardo followed us outside without hesitation. He just seems to have a happy joyful disposition and has those eyes, those eyes make a girl’s heart skip a beat! He seems quite young and already such a big boy, but very easy to handle. Leonardo takes treats like a gentleman! He seems to want to be right by our side the whole time that we were outdoors. When we would stop rubbing his sweet head, he would nudge us to restart again. Leonardo did a little exploring around the play yard but he certainly likes to be near humans. Leonardo can be bouncy, especially likes to jump behind his handler as we walk. He seems starved for attention. We can’t imagine someone isn’t looking for this boy, but are continued to be dumbfounded time and time again at the shelter with all amazing dogs come in as “strays“ and nobody, nobody comes for them. Leonardo is looking for a family that will help him grown with continued training and lots of love. show less