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Female Young American Pit Bull Terrier / German Shepherd Dog

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San Jose Animal Care Center

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About !*TILA

09/10/21 16:33My name is Tila and I am as sweet as they come! I love to love and will gladly accept all of your love! I have been working hard on my manners and my leash walking skills and not to brag but.., I am doing great! I would love to be in a household with someone who is patient and has time to help me grow. I have come a long way from when I first arrived here at the shelter and I would love to live with someone who will help me continue with this awesome progress! I would love to meet you! P.S. bring treats =)CHuey

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ANDREW (A1221943) Andrew is a gorgeous, red rex with a mink-soft coat. He’s a high-energy, social rabbit who loves to be the center of... show more

ANDREW (A1221943) Andrew is a gorgeous, red rex with a mink-soft coat. He’s a high-energy, social rabbit who loves to be the center of attention and needs a lot of space to run and explore to expend his energy. He is confident, curious, friendly, very intelligent, and food motivated. He LOVES to eat, especially his greens and apple treats, and becomes super excited at mealtime. One of his favorite activities is to ‘remodel’ cardboard boxes into suitable hides (according to his standards). When he relaxes, he enjoys being petted and will “tooth purr” with contentment. Awesome Andrew would be best suited as a single rabbit in an adult environment with kind people who can give him the attention and love, he so deserves. He is RHDV vaccinated.His care requirements include:*Indoor housing only in a large space to explore, play, and run.*Exercise pens (x-pens) are a must. Two x-pens attached together provide adequate space. NO Cages or Hutches – too small!*Soft fleece blankets and area rugs to sleep on.*Lots of hay and fresh leafy greens.*A large hide cardboard box.*Chew toys*Nail trim every 6 - 8 weeks*Regular brushing!!! If you would like to know more about dear Andrew, please contact shelter rabbit volunteer, Cheryl at 408-621-3773. She offers free adoption support and care coaching.--- The Rabbit Haven Rescue offers one free nail trim and health check for adopted shelter bunnies. Ask Cheryl for more details. show less