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Male Adult American Pit Bull Terrier

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San Jose Animal Care Center

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07/04/21 12:38Reason animal needs rescue: Draining tract under chin/neck, likely abscessType: MedicalImpound type: OSTHoshizaki07/07/21 15:57Also has ear infections.KTyson07/17/21 13:47Walks well on the leash, and likes to play fetch. Very sweet dog. Does like to slam into handler when excited.07/28/21 13:36Foxtail removed from draining tract under chin. Still has ear infections.SharonO

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07/06/21 16:35 BEATRICE -- (A1214343)Beatrice is a majestic beauty. When out exercising, she makes everyone aware of her regal presence... show more

07/06/21 16:35 BEATRICE -- (A1214343)Beatrice is a majestic beauty. When out exercising, she makes everyone aware of her regal presence as the alpha female as she takes the floor to do graceful laps and then lounge elegantly. She has had a bumpy start in life which makes her slightly reserved around people initially. But once you earn her trust, she warms up for gentle pets, and treats (of course). She`s a go-slow lady who would thrive most in an adult environment with people willing to give her lots of love, royal treatment, and some space to adjust to a wonderful new life. She would free roam easily in a bunny-proofed home -- which could quickly become her Queenly kingdom.Her care requirements include:Indoor housing only in a large space to explore, play, and run.Exercise pens (x-pens) are a must. Two x-pens attached together provide adequate space. NO Cages or Hutches – too small!Soft fleece blankets and area rugs to sleep on.Lots of hay and fresh leafy greens.A large hide cardboard box.Chew toysNail trim every 6 - 8 weeksRHDV vaccinationIf you would like to know more about Beatrice, please contact shelter rabbit volunteer, Cheryl at 408-621-3773. She offers free adoption support and care coaching.The Rabbit Haven Rescue offers one free nail trim and health check for adopted shelter bunnies with shelter ID. Contact Cheryl for more details. show less