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Male Young Pit Bull Terrier / 31 Flavors Mixes

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About Chance

Chance A228110 Chance is a 10 month old male who came into the shelter on 5/30 as an owner surrender. Handling 6/26: Handling 6/6: Handling video: Leash Test: Large and in charge and still a baby, Chance is one big boy! He looks so innocent in his kennel. Chance takes a lot of disco naps or sits quietly waiting for someone to come by. He is easy to leash and walks past the other dogs without issue. Once the fresh air hits his face, Chance is ready to party. He can be jumpy when he is excited but actually listens very well too. Chance knows basic commands and takes treats gently. He seems to have his paw shake and down confused though. Ask him to shake and he slaps both paws on the ground as he lays down. It is very comical to watch. Chance loves to play with toys and bounce around. We see how his playfulness and size can be intimidating for kids, but we don't think he means any harm. Chance is still growing and will need to continue his training and get lots of exercise to be is best, biggest self. SURRENDER NOTES: too much energy, plays too rough with kids but very friendly.

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Pit Bull Terrier

Wham A229884 Wham is a 1.5 year old female who came into the shelter on July 12 as a stray. Handling 7/18: show more

Wham A229884 Wham is a 1.5 year old female who came into the shelter on July 12 as a stray. Handling 7/18: Handling video: Leash test: Wham is little but mighty. And she will let everyone know she’s around by announcing her presence wherever she goes. Wham is young and bounces during leashing. She gets frustrated in her kennel and bored, which isn’t a great combination for getting a dog out easily. Once the leash is on she’s a typical puppy. Wham is energetic but calms down each minute she gets outside. Go figure, the more exercise she gets, the more relaxed she becomes. Wham will jump for attention sometimes, another typical youthful behavior. This is where the small but mighty comes in. Her short legs have hops and she likes to slam her love on us when she gets excited. Wham already knows some commands and is food motivated. She loves to chase toys and can get some serious air when she catches a ball on a high bounce. We think her athletics would continue in the water, she loves the pool. She currently just sits in to cool off and will accept some snacks while she lounges, but would be an adorable swimmer in a larger body of water. Wham allows handling all over and will give affection back. The shelter isn’t going to be her stage to shine brightest, she will need someone to take a chance on her. show less