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Female Adult 31 Flavors Mixes

If you have questions about S'MORE please contact

Animal Care and Protective Services - Jacksonville

About S'MORE

This sweet and mellow little girl needs your love. She`s very polite. She doesn`t mind having her nails clipped, or having a bath (she likes showers better, or even a good rain). She doesn`t play hard or rough, she doesn`t beg for food (you can eat your meals in peace!), doesn`t get up on the furniture or the countertops. In fact, she`s happiest laying in the sun and scratching her back in the grass. She prefers to sleep on the floor next to your bed, and she`ll whine for just a bit when she thinks it`s time for you to wake up, and might try to put her paws on your chest for a morning stretch. In addition to regular yard time, a nice walk of 30-45 minutes in the morning and one in the evening, and she`s a happy girl. Just be sure to let her stop and sniff the many wonderful neighborhood smells out there. She`s fearful of new people and needs reassurance to give a stranger a chance. She has some basic training; sit, lay down, stay, and come. She`s motivated by your attention to her, and yummy treats. She prefers to be in the same room you`re in, and may follow you around the house to be sure you`re close by, you know, just in case you feel the need to give her a scratch behind the ears! She may jump at unexpected noises (like a cabinet closing) but will completely ignore a lawn mower, or a motorcycle going by. She is not high energy unless she`s around another dog to play with. She has had minimal exposure to cats, and her curious and enthusiastic approach to them can cause them to feel threatened. A loud raucous household probably won`t suit her, but she`s very good with older children and teens. A couple of balls, a sturdy chew toy, and stuffed animals is her cup of tea. If you think you`re the right person to give this beautiful shy girl the love she deserves, please get in touch with us!`She`s not great with a crate either, but I don`t know how to fit that in! Her house training is much improved; no accidents in almost a week, but I would be reluctant to say she`s fully potty trained.

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