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Female Adult Australian Cattle Dog

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Cookie`s super power is being a fantastic mother to her nine puppies (A836688 - 96) and now asking for belly rubs. Now that her puppies are all eating well, she`s coming back into her own- playing, chewing on bones and relaxing close by if you`re in need to scratch her chin or give her a belly rub. She still watches over the puppies and plays but they mostly do their thing. I don`t know anything about her background other than she`s very sweet, a little timid, but still opening up more each day and can discuss in detail during a visit. She`s a medium sized girl at ~40 lbs., slim and her shoulder is ~20`, just below my knee. Check out Instagram for more pictures on her or her puppies and use the email below to get more information on Cookie and to schedule a meet & greet.Pictures: adaywithfosters@gmail.comShe came perfectly house trained with zero accidents since the first day I started fostering her. I leave her loose in the house at night and she`ll snoot the door to go out in the mornings or maybe during the day. She`s not shy around new people, enjoys the pets and attention. She`s find around cats as my nine year old cat grew up with dogs and nuzzles Cookie but she`s not quite sure what to do so just sniffs her back.She`s mostly quiet and have only heard her bark a few times. The first was the first night she needed to go in the middle of the night and then only on occasion. She`ll bark at my cat to play when she doesn`t come down her from cat tree. She free feeds on a full bowl of dry and doesn`t gulp her food, just nibbles some at breakfast and then again dinner.She`s very good on a leash, doesn`t pull or wrap around yours legs, walks well and sniffs but we`ve only walked in my yard. She does well in the car and doesn`t bark. I don`t know if he`s met any children but since she`s so gentle, think she`ll do just fine with children of any age. She has a very soft mouth and I easily take soft cat toys from her which she finds and likes very much.She won`t be available until after mid-August once she`s spayed.

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