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Male Baby Domestic Short Hair

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Great Pyrenees

Gorgeous Hannah is a 3.5 year old Pyrenees mix who weighs 95 pounds. She's as friendly as she is beautiful. This breed was originally... show more

Gorgeous Hannah is a 3.5 year old Pyrenees mix who weighs 95 pounds. She's as friendly as she is beautiful. This breed was originally used to guard livestock. She fits the description and she is very loyal to her "person". She is smart, social and independent. She likes to be the queen of her household. She was with a family her whole life until now, she is being re-homed because they felt she needed more space. She is actually very happy in a small space at our office currently. What will make her happy is to have someone to follow around and be her person. Hannah tolerates cats but sometimes gives a little chase. She is so-so with other dogs, it depends on the other dog. She would probably be a good livestock guardian however she is also quite spoiled so she would need to remain spoiled while doing that. She has thick double coat in the winter and it sheds in the spring time. She has to be brushed out. She doesn't like to go to the groomer but she needs some coat maintenance to avoid getting hot spots. She has relatively low energy and like to lounge and watch her flock (her person). She loves to take short walks and she loves treats which she takes gently from your hand. Hannah has bi-lateral luxated patellas which we have radiographs and she under the care of Dr. Dan Kirby. She has recently had a very successful round of PRP (platelet rich plasma) and Ozone injections in both knees while awake and this has proven to be a fantastic treatment to increase her mobility. She is on a glucosamine supplement daily. She has a full set of bloodwork that comes with her and she has been given top notch veterinary care while she has been with our rescue. show less