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Female Baby Snowshoe

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Domestic Short Hair

You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.Please contact Rae ( for more information abo... show more

You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.Please contact Rae ( for more information about this pet.Hello,My name is Addison, kind of a sophisticated English name. I like it.  I just got here from the Bastrop shelter with my sister Artemis and we were scared out of our wits.  I have gotten a lot more comfortable BUT my sister is still more afraid than I am.Foster mom will be keeping us for a week or two more or until we are comfortable being handled and with people but we will be looking for our special forever home the whole time!Let my foster mom know you might want me as your BFF and then come to meet me!!!ADDISON UPDATE:Wow, time flies when you're having fun.  Foster Mom had to be away for 3 months and we did not get much attention while she was gone, but now we're having special 'lessons' in liking people and we're doing quite well.  My sister is STILL a big scaredy cat, but Foster Mom and Foster Sister are going to work really hard with her during Christmas vacation so we will be ready for our forever homes soon after.  We are both very healthy and beautiful and we are the age shown below here on this page.  We will make great BFF's, why not ask about us and take a chance - you won't be sorry!ADDISON UPDATE Jan 16:  We are still VERY skittery and Mom is going to order some Jackson Galaxy flower remedies and we will be moved into large cages so Mom and Sis can work directly with each one of us.  Here's hoping - - FOSTER MOM UPDATE March 13:  Happy to say that Addison is doing very well.  Still a bit timid, but coming up to be petted and enjoying it.  She's out of a cage and lots of the 'roaming' kitties in the house have been allowed into the room where she is and it's now on to the next step - allowing her to come out of the kitty room and into the normal house if she wants.  I've changed her status to 'available for adoption' and she is ready for a home that is fairly quiet with someone who is willing to be gentle and patient with her.  She's a really SWEET kitty and deserves a chance at a forever home.  She gets along with other kitties, so a home with another buddy would be great.ADDISON UPDATE September 10, 2016: I am sooo ready for love .  Addison is finally ready fully for a home.  She will take a bit to get used to the new digs, but she's been off with a temp foster for 6 weeks, is back and is asking to be petted, venturing out in the house and has left sister behind in so many ways.  She can be picked up, petted and will most of the time come to you.  Loud or sudden movements still un-nerve her, but in a normal home setting she'll be a great companion.  Addison is very healthy and up to date on vaccinations and is spayed and microchipped!  Won't you consider HER as your new BFF?ADDISON UPDATE: October 2018:  Hey, I'm back.  Had a little health scare but turns out it was a wrong diagnosis and I'm healthy as can be.  I've been living in foster mom's bedroom and having a lot of fun and attention.  I love to sleep right next to her leg and I love being petted and I even beg to be petted.  I am still a little insecure and it shows when you move fast or try to chase or catch me.  I'm also a bit face shy still although I love it when you scratch and pet my head, just nervous if you try to use two hands at once.  If I'm on the bed and I know you, you can pick me up.  I will be okay for a few minutes but after that I want down.  I have the tiniest little meow, you'd think I was a kitten.  I might be a little bit insecure still BUT once I settle in and get to know you I'll be your BFF and give you back lots of love!New pics coming soon!Visit this organization's web site to see any additional information available about this pet. show less

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You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.Please contact Carol ( for more informa... show more

You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.Please contact Carol ( for more information about this pet.Alonzo was adopted to a wonderful family, but had to be returned because of his unpredictability. He has attacked the other cats in the family, sending them to the vet, and he has bitten and scratched his humans. We didn't see this extreme behavior in his foster home, but quite often when cats go their permanent homes, a different side of their personality will come out. We will have to see what happens as he spends time back in his foster home. (Update) Time has passed, and we and Alonzo have learned how to get along. We treat him with respect by not surprising him with unwanted attention, and he gives love nips instead of bites. When I'm dishing out his wet food at mealtimes, he nips my hand if I don't move fast enough. He likes to sleep sprawling out on the bed, and likes to be near us. He just wants to be treated with respect, as a the meantime, there are a couple of conditions for a new adopter:1. Austin area adoptions only.2. No other cats in house. Dogs may work out, but our dog chases him.3. Adopter must be experienced with Siamese, and know how to work with cats with behavioral issues.4. Children are probably not a good idea, as he plays with them the way he would with other cats.Visit this organization's web site to see any additional information available about this pet. show less

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Domestic Short Hair

You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.A Special Needs Kitty with a Big HeartWhen we think Amelia we th... show more

You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.A Special Needs Kitty with a Big HeartWhen we think Amelia we think soft, warm and sugary sweet with a touch of “rascal.” Amelia was born to a feral mama out in the wilder parts of Georgetown. We (Amelia's fosters) were able to trap her at a young enough age after weaning that she's fully tame. She's an exceptionally loving kitty with many positive and wonderful personality traits. We would keep her but we have our hands full with 3 special-needs senior dogs and 5 other rescue kitties. Amelia has a lot to offer a kind human who needs a BFF, who wants only one pet (Amelia by herself) in their household, and who can take on her special needs.First, all about Amelia's unique traits..... She’s a social kitty, initially shy and scared with people she doesn't know, but very forthcoming once she feels safe. She thrives on being near her trusted human(s) and is a true love bug with them. This friendly kitty loves to see you come through the door (you'll often find her waiting there for you). She’s a purry snuggly lap cat who loves affection. She can also still play like a kitten - her favorite games are chasing a laser dot and chasing a toy pulled around the room on the end of a string. She's vocal with sweet 'kitty talk' but not too loud. She loves to sleep near (or on) you on your bed.As for her looks, she's a stunner! Snow white fur frames mosaic patches of gray tabby across her shoulders. Her pink nose is a nice accent against her large clear green eyes. She always looks beautiful where ever she curls up to sleep, inviting pets, cheek rubs, head scratches, and cuddles.It's difficult for Amelia at our house because she has allergies. Our 3 dogs and 5 other cats make it impossible to protect Amelia from allergens (especially food but also environmental) without keeping her confined to her own room while she undergoes her dermatology treatment plan. Basically, with us Amelia is in isolation most of the time, which makes her sad and lonely.Being under the care of Dr. Jenice Daigle, Animal Dermatologist with Central Texas Veterinary Specialty Hospital, means Amelia looks forward to a bright future in which her allergies are either resolved or well-managed. She's currently eating two brands of hypoallergenic foods (at this time any other foods cause itchy skin rashes and sores, hair loss, topical and oral medications, and sometimes the dreaded 'cone'), but in 2021 it should be possible to conduct food trials to determine what 'normal' foods she can eat.At Amelia's most recent derm appointment on July 2, Dr Daigle recommended that a daily oral medication (Atopica) be continued for one more month, with a recheck appointment on 7/30, and anticipates continuing the Atopica for 2-3 more months after that (through September or October). It is hoped that Atopica will 'reset' Amelia's immune system so that her skin stops reacting. So far she is doing better than she's ever been. Her skin and coat are back to a normal healthy condition, and she's back to her playful happy (though lonely) self. If you have a heart for 'hard luck' kitties like Amelia (whose allergies are no fault of her own), and if you have the time and resources to provide her required treatment, here's a list of things that could make you a possible good fit for this little munchkin and an 'angel' to relieve her from current mostly-isolated living situation:*  You have no other animals (ie, no other potential allergen sources) in your home and are ok with having just one special kitty who would love to spend as much time as possible with you.*  You would enjoy playing with Amelia (pulling that string-tied toy around the room, flashing the laser beam so she can chase it, etc.).*  You (and the people you live with) are 'neat freak' enough not to leave food or crumbs where this rascally kitty can get to them when you're not looking.*  You are willing and able to take over the remainder of Amelia's care (we are willing to pay for her remaining treatment with Dr. Daigle), which is focused on resolving her allergies or at least keeping them under control. Right now that includes:          1) A very strict uncompromising veterinarian-prescribed diet (Royal Canin HP kibble, Hill's z/d kibble and canned food).          2) Daily oral medication (Amelia doesn't like this but is such a good kitty she tolerates it. We get it done as quickly as possible in the evening, and then have a fun playtime afterward to help her feel better and forget about it).          3) Taking Amelia to follow-up dermatology appointments in Round Rock. Again, she doesn't enjoy the transport but she tolerates the whole ordeal. As long as she's not tipped off to the carrier (in which case she'll run and hide), it's easy to put her inside it. Vets have always commented what a good kitty she is.If this sounds like a good fit for you, please contact us to explore the possibilities. We would SO love to see Amelia be accepted into a loving forever home where she can be free to explore and play and stay close to her human(s) while she undergoes treatment instead of being stuck in a back room by herself most of the time.Amelia has so much to offer and will be a perfect forever kitty companion.Please contact us if you'd like more information and details about sweet Amelia.Visit this organization's web site to see any additional information available about this pet. show less

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Domestic Short Hair

You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.Passionate, uniquely handsome, yearns for safe human connection.... show more

You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.Passionate, uniquely handsome, yearns for safe human connection.A strikingly gorgeous male with unique stripey swirls on his sides and back legs, handsome eyeliner, white socks, white chest and “collar,” short tail (hence his name), Bob was likely born to a feral mother just outside of Georgetown. He started coming to our porch for dinner in late summer of 2017 when we snapped the photo of him sitting with a raccoon and opossum politely waiting to be served. He seemed happily independent, always evading our traps, but lonely, often breaking our hearts with sad meowing as he wandered off into the night after dinner. In 2019 when Bob showed up with a cactus (or porcupine) spine through his right eye we feared the eye was a lost cause and that he may even die from resulting infection. We rushed to the nearest KFC and on March 14, 2019 Bob finally entered our trap and we immediately took him to a vet willing to try to save his eye. He came back almost as good as new: the pupil in his right eye is a little larger (some call it soulful) but the vet truly did a miracle. After we had done the “Trap' and “Neuter” parts of 'TNR,' we couldn’t bear to “Release” Bob considering his injury as well as local predators, rattlesnakes, cactus, etc., so we started socializing him. At first he was terrified of being indoors, hating even to be looked at by humans, but he’s made tremendous progress and his unique personality has emerged. He wears his heart on his sleeve and always lets us know how he’s feeling. He’s very vocal. He loves being talked to and often 'dialogues' with us. His meows are quite varied depending on his emotions at the time. During visits, he purrs, rubs, rolls around and makes exaggerated biscuits - many in the air. He’s now accepting treats from our fingers and pressing his cheek into our hands! He thrives on human company and often protests with a loud, forlorn meow (seemingly asking “Please don’t go!!!!”) when we have to leave his room.Bob loves to play with toys and is still learning different ways to do that with a human. His playful side is cute and endearing, very 'kitten-esque.' We wish we could keep this special kitty but our time and affections are spread too thin. We rescued 6 total adult ferals so Bob has to live in his own room at our house. We believe he will continue to thrive in a peaceful home where he can enjoy exploring, observing and interacting in a shared living space. A patient human willing to give Bob time, patience and the love he lacked in the wild will surely unlock more of Bob's sweet personality. His heart and passions are exceptionally huge, and this will make him a wonderfully soulful pet for the right forever home.   Since Bob is still a 'work-in-progress,' he's probably better suited for an experienced cat owner. At this time he is probably not a good fit for a household with children. He’s not a lap cat yet, but he’s showing us enough interest and affection that we believe he has potential to become one. As for other cats, Bob has met two of the other tamed feral cats in our home: one attacked him while he remained passive, and he coexisted peaceably with the other; so, we venture to guess that Bob could enjoy the companionship of other non-combative animals. (NOTE: Dr. Roy Smith, founder of Central Texas Cat Hospital, swears after 50+ years of rescuing and treating cats that every cat wishes to be the ONLY cat in a household, that it’s we humans who believe they need a cat friend.) We would love to talk to you more about Bob to find out if you and he might make a good fit together. The two cat trees in the photos are available free to his new adoptive family. His favorite is a very high quality tree made by New Cat Condos, one of their top-of-the-line products.Visit this organization's web site to see any additional information available about this pet. show less

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You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.Handsome silver guy.. Please contact Judy Ford, 512-656-5113 or... show more

You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.Handsome silver guy.. Please contact Judy Ford, 512-656-5113 or email for this kitty, he is not an ASR kitty but a courtesy listing.Boris, as I’ve been calling him, has apparently been making the rounds of my neighborhood since 2017. I’ve seen multiple posts from different people he’s gone to for food asking if he belongs to anyone and no one has claimed him. He’s been by my house to eat a few times over the last six months but began coming by more regularly this last March. I was out walking and saw him checking porches for food and called him to follow me home, which he did. He began showing up to eat more frequently after that and then one evening, during a pretty heavy rainstorm, I saw him sitting, sopping wet and with a wounded leg, at my back window. I brought him into my garage and set him up with a space heater and a bed. My daughter works at a vet clinic and was able to get him in to be treated. He was quite ill. He had a fever of 104 and his leg was terribly infected. The vet got the wound cleaned out, gave him some antibiotics, and neutered him. She ordered a full panel on him and aside from testing positive for FIV, he seems to be relatively healthy. He’s estimated to be 5 - 7 years old, so definitely getting up towards middle-age, but he’s very energetic now that he’s feeling better. I’ve heard him twice now having the “zoomies” up and down the stairs in my house. He’s used his litter box consistently except for one day when I was late cleaning it out and he urinated on the stack of towels I used to make a bed for him. I’ve not been remiss since and neither has he. He’s very vocal and loves full body strokes, head-to-tail. I’ve tested touching this stomach and he tolerates it up to point. I pushed it a little to see how he would react and he grabbed my hand with his mouth and kind of chewed at it but it was not painful and he didn’t break the skin. I’ve touched his paws and not gotten a reaction outside of him pulling them away. He’s grabbed my hand with his mouth a few times in an attempt to get my attention. I pulled my hand away with a stern “no” and ignored him until he switched to rubbing his head against me, which I rewarded with petting. He seems threatened by feet and has swatted at mine in a frustrated manner when I’m walking away from him and when I’ve put a foot up to block him from leaving as I’m shutting the door to the bathroom he’s been sleeping in. He didn’t hurt me but it did make me wonder if he’s been subjected to someone kicking him. We also introduced him to my daughter’s dog. He didn’t react until she got within about a foot of him and then he swatted at her as he backed away so I think he could learn to live with a dog as long as the dog was respectful of his personal space. He will tolerate being picked up football-style and over-the-shoulder and even though he doesn’t react with aggression, it’s clear he doesn’t like it. I’ve not witnessed any other undesirable behavior outside of those instances I mentioned. I’ve searched and queried for the last month and haven’t found even the faintest lead for a missing cat matching his description and he’s not chipped so I think it’s safe to say, he’s officially in need of a home. The only thing that’s been clear is that he’s been relying on the kindness of strangers for the last four years or so. He’s done incredibly well since he’s been with me, all things considered. He has access to several rooms in my house during the day but I put him in a bathroom at night so my cats can have access to the rest of the house. He enjoys napping on the sofa, and sitting at the picture window and watching what’s going on outside. He’s very lovey and really enjoys being petted. He hides when someone comes to the door and is understandably wary of strangers. Obviously with his FIV status, he will need someone who will commit to keeping him indoors only and because of his habit of using his mouth to set a boundary or to seek attention, I think it would be best for him to be in a home that doesn’t have young children. I’m also not sure he would appreciate sharing his space with another cat. His reaction to hearing my cats on the other side of a door is curious but also a little aggressive, with a lot of strong tail switching and some unhappy, warning-type chirping. His new person or family will need to be patient and allow him time to decompress and learn to trust that he’s in a safe place with safe people. All-in-all, I think he’s a great cat. I feel very protective of him and if my situation was different, I would keep him. He is currently eating 1/3 can wet food twice a day and allowed free feeding of 1 cup kibble. I’m starting to reduce the amount of food I’m giving him as he’s up to a more optimal weight. He is taking Purina ProPlan FortiFlora which I sprinkle on his kibble, 1 VetriScience Vitality Pro chew at breakfast and 1/2 Composure Pro chew at dinner, each of which I break into smaller pieces and mix with his wet food. He’s doing well with self- regulating his free feeding. I will update after I talk with his vet at his follow-up on Friday, April 16th and get her recommendations for how much he should be eating to maintain his weight. Visit this organization's web site to see any additional information available about this pet. show less

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Caesar 2


You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.Please contact Jesse ( for more informat... show more

You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.Please contact Jesse ( for more information about this pet.Love to Love You, Bayyyyy-bee!Caesar wins over the heart of everyone who meets him and I can guarantee he will do the same to you! If him running up to greet you doesn’t make you fall in love, then his goofy, soft cross-eyed look will. Once he wins you over (which takes all of 4 seconds tops) he loves to lay down right beside you and hang out while you give him some pets. Fun fact: Caesar actually invented the term “cuddle bug” because he absolutely adores just snuggling up next to his human.   Like most Siamese, Caesar is conversational sometimes and loves to catch me up to speed with everything that’s been going on at Petsmart. He will follow me around, while we talk about our week. If I leave the room for a few minutes and then come back in, he’ll meow “Where did you go? I was in the middle of telling you about this poodle that came in with a bad haircut.”   Caesar has told me that he isn’t too fond of dogs (something about a bad experience with them before he met me) but he can hang out with other cats as long as they have time to get to know each other. He wouldn’t mind being an only pet either though.   Caesar is one of those cats that you can’t help but fall in love with! If you’d like to try and resist his charm, he is available for meet and greets at the Petsmart off I-35 and Parmer. Please reach out to me at or 720-447-0196 for any questions.   Check out Caesar’s other pictures at!!Visit this organization's web site to see any additional information available about this pet. show less

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Domestic Short Hair

You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.Gorgeous Kitty with an Awesome PersonalityWe'd keep this sweet d... show more

You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.Gorgeous Kitty with an Awesome PersonalityWe'd keep this sweet diva in a heartbeat if we didn't have 3 special-needs senior dogs and 5 other rescue cats. Callie needs and deserves more time and attention than we are able to give her, so we are looking to find her the perfect match!Miss 'Callie Callahan' is a stately, poised, loving, 'quirky awesome' kitty with a wonderful warm personality that craves her very own human(s) on whom she can lavish all her kitty affections.Though she can be quite independent, the truth is that this sweetheart craves and fully appreciates the simple company of the human(s) she loves. So, if you're looking for an interactive companion (as opposed to one who prefers to keep some physical distance), Callie might be 'the one' for you!Callie’s still cautious on a first encounter with someone new, but warms up quickly in short order. Once a human has gained her trust, she wears her heart on her sleeve and is very social and affectionate. She often runs to greet us.Callie would thrive with a human who enjoys interaction, who would love having her climb into their lap and petting and talking to her as much as possible while she indulges in her soft low-volume purr. She doesn't often sit still like a traditional 'lap cat,' but keeps it interesting by walking around, rubbing against you, and asking you to lightly scratch her face and head. She also loves sleeping close-by on the bed, so that's a big plus for a human who loves to sleep next to a warm kitty. And we believe she would 'die for' a human companion who loves playing with her every day (her favorite games are the laser dot, and chasing a toy tied to a string that you pull around the room)!The distinctive ornamental circle on Callie's chest reminds us of the 'heart of Te-Fiti' from the Disney movie Moana -- and it didn't take long for the nickname Te-Fiti to feel right for this warm-hearted kitty.Another unique characteristic about Callie (besides the physical ones: her 'heart of Te-Fiti,' the soft brown tabby patch on her chin, and her large Emma Stone eyes) is how she greets us. You know it's Callie when you hear sweet tiny kitten-like mews. Her 'hello' is often a soft high-pitched double-mew, like 'aar-aar,' followed by a soft twitter or vibrato. Her 'kitty talk' makes you want to engage her in conversation, while her delicate face is a work of art that's hard to resist coddling.There's still bad blood between her and that moving red laser dot though, and one day she plans to actually catch it so it can't get out from between her paws! Until she does pull off that miracle, her new owner will have a bundle of fun getting Callie to chase it all over the house! Callie never ceases to wait patiently for us - sometimes until wee hours in the morning - hoping beyond hope that one of us will have just enough energy left to play for a few minutes before we hit the hay! She's still a kitten at heart!Callie was the sole survivor of a litter of feral kittens born in the wilder parts of Georgetown. (That's Callie in the last photo, at the very back of the litter; she was always the shyest kitten. I deeply regret I didn't know enough to trap mama and kittens at the time I took that photo on May 10, 2016.) Abandoned just after weaning when mama got pregnant again (before we started TNR), she quickly 'adopted' us and never had to be trapped. Playful and feisty, she stayed very busy chasing leaves, chasing her tail, and climbing trees until finally she ventured into the house and never looked back. Once she was indoors, safe from predators and other wild things, she quickly became fully domesticated with good manners.Callie is good with some cats but not all cats, and is unknown with respect to dogs and children. Her curiosity drives her to experiment with getting close to our dogs but she has yet to 'tame' and 'adopt' them like she 'adopted' us. Considering that our 3 large dogs are all known cat- and squirrel-chasers (though they've learned to tolerate indoor cats), Callie is surely exercising wisdom by keeping a safe distance between herself and them, but she's seemingly very open to coexisting with dogs in general.For her and her human to be truly happy, Callie needs someone who wants - and has time for - her affectionate, interactive, playful companionship.Visit this organization's web site to see any additional information available about this pet. show less