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Adopt Bobby Flay

Male Young Jack Russell Terrier / Cattle Dog

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About Bobby Flay

Adopt Bobby Flay! This ‘bright as bright can be’ boy is a total surprise when it comes to his breed, but whatever the mix (Jack Russell and Cattle dog?) it’s resulted in a fabulous little character for his lucky new family. Bobby Flay is fantastic with other dogs and even his vet! His idea of bliss is chasing the ball or acting as your running partner. This smart pooch can’t wait to be part of a new home to truly make him a happy little pup! Bobby Flay weighs 31 lbs and is full grown. He is a neutered, 2 yr sweetheart. Crate trained at night, microchipped and up to date with all shots. Bobby Flay is 100% muscle and comes fully equipped with 1,000 volt energy. His lucky new family will be experienced with “working breed” dogs and will be prepared to exercise him physically and mentally throughout each day. Agility courses would be a tremendous gift for a breed blend like Bobby Flay. Thank goodness for pups like this, you don’t need to invest in an expensive personal trainer! Apply: and please read the ENTIRE sample Adoption Agreement before submitting an application.

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Bobby Flay
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Adopt Bailey! Terrier blend (?), 3y, NM, 17lbs. Gold and white. Needs an ACTIVE, EXPERIENCED, HOME OWNER w/secured yard. Apply: KenMarRe... show more

Adopt Bailey! Terrier blend (?), 3y, NM, 17lbs. Gold and white. Needs an ACTIVE, EXPERIENCED, HOME OWNER w/secured yard. Apply: Gets Along With: small dogs and older, gentle (teen or older) kids so long as they (the human kids) receive supervised patience and proper training. Bailey is Looking For: A family to provide long walks and hiking trips to the beach or dog friendly places. Are you looking for an exploring buddy? Maybe a cuddle buddy too? What My Foster Says About Me: Bailey is doing really well and is a very sweet and happy little guy. He’s been good with our small dogs and thrives on human companionship and playtime. He’s getting a lot of exercise and attention, and is very content to snuggle and relax with “his humans,” after dinner. He does really well in the crate overnight and has good table manners. He’s a very sweet playful little boy! Your new pup will need to work on their housetraining, getting to know your floorplan, backyard and areas where he is allowed to relieve himself. He will also need YOU to be consistent and take the time to learn how to communicate with him in a positive and patient way so he can continue to grow into a well-socialized canine citizen. If you are interested in adopting Bailey, please complete the Adoption Questionnaire online at: Ken-Mar Rescue does our best to provide accurate information about the dogs we have for adoption. That said, we cannot make any guarantees about age, breed or temperament. Thank you for contacting Ken-Mar Rescue and helping to save a life! Please visit us online at show less

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Tubbie loves you already! And you’ve only just met through a picture! Tubbie is a sweet and playful pup that can live peaceably with o... show more

Tubbie loves you already! And you’ve only just met through a picture! Tubbie is a sweet and playful pup that can live peaceably with other dogs. He is empathetic, loyal and grateful to be given a second chance at life. Will you be the one to give him that second chance? He’s so worth it! Tubbie is a real live snuggle-bear! He’s that rare sort of pooch who is so thoughtful, and cares so much about how others feel, that he could easily become one of the most important 'people' in your life. He’ll come thump-thump-thumping over to you with his big Chewbacca paws and then sit his soft, scruffy self in your lap – oomph! That’s a lot to hold in your lap! And then he’ll look in your eyes like he knows exactly what kind of day you’ve had. This dog loves absolutely everyone. You should see him when you turn on the TV! The way he races up the “doggie ramp” to get to his favorite spot on the couch. But don’t worry — all it takes is the gentlest nudge to scoot him. ADOPT Tubbie! 5y, 17 lbs, Pug blend, NM, shots, chip, crate-trained. Home OWNERS w/secured yard please. No apartments, shared walls or renters please, you don’t want Tubbie singing the ‘song of his people’ to your neighbors when he thinks someone is at the door. Adults only preferred, older teens ok. Apply online: Tubbie enjoy car rides, new adventures & playing. Tubbie needs a house full of soft beds, people who like snuggles, and WALKIES! Tubbie gained some weight during quarantine, so he could lose a few pounds. Sound familiar? Bummer dude. Tubbie needs a thorough dental cleaning too. But hey, don’t we all? If you can give Tubbie a home with a secured yard, playtime with you, keep his mind stimulated by teaching him new things and incorporating him into your daily routine, including two walks a day, then you can give Tubbie a miracle. Adults only home OWNERS preferred (gentle older teens ok) with secured yard in the So Cal area please. Please apply online at You too can help save a dog's life! Can’t adopt? Want to help? Sponsor Tubbie! - A small amount can mean the difference between a vaccine and a microchip. - A larger amount could provide sterilization to "one more" needy orphan or help us bail him or her out before being put to sleep. - An even larger donation could cover the food and medical for one or more orphans for an entire year or help cover the vet expenses on expensive surgeries for "special needs" orphans suffering from neglect, cruelty or accidental injury. You can make a donation to Ken-Mar Rescue through Paypal, its safe, secure and easy. All donations are tax deductible and 100% of your donation goes directly towards the care of animals in need. For more information on how to become a life-saver and to join our Guardian Angel Program please go to show less