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Male Young Domestic Short Hair

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Chula Vista Animal Care Facility (public)


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American Pit Bull Terrier

High energy, has difficulty settling for interaction. Tolerates normal petting. Avoids and bucks away from mouth, feet and hug. HARD pul... show more

High energy, has difficulty settling for interaction. Tolerates normal petting. Avoids and bucks away from mouth, feet and hug. HARD pull on leash with no regard for handler. No interest in toys. Will engage in rough house with handler. This needs to be discouraged as he uses his full force to jump around and medium/hard mouthing on handler. Risk of accidental/play bite is high. Not recommended for households with children. Speed eats and is snappy when taking food, do not recommend hand feeding.Knows sit, treat motivated. Met small female through kennel door. Big loose wags while sniffing and walked away. Dog to dog: Introduced to a medium sized respectful male dog. On a shared chain link fence demonstrated exuberant big loose body wags with medium tail towards a dog who checks in briefly but is mostly ignoring him. In close proximity on leash: this dog wants to dart forward full speed and the handler has to work hard to maintain control of the dog initially. Tried to maintain a few polite passes to de-escalate some of that energy. This dog was able to stop and sniff some tree trunk and pee before resuming closing the distance. The handlers paused and maintained a 3-4 ft gap between them in an effort to continue with settling him down. Medium tail, eyes not dilated, displacement sniffing. Then allowed this dog to come up on the other dogs rear end to perhaps take a sniff. The dog sprang up in a heavy tackling mount maneuver to envelop the other dogs hindquarters, so the two handlers quickly pulled them apart.Summary: While this dog`s intention does not mean to harm, his rudeness and lack of diplomacy is unlikely to be tolerated by any other dog other than a very like minded one. Then keeping the climate civil to avoid arousal and misunderstandings would be critcal. His handler was able to deflect attention from the other dog at times, which is a good foundation to build upon for his impulse control issue. Highly recommend a program of heavy exercise and training for manners and being able to handle him safely while you work on reducing his arousal.Requires high management around other dogs, not for off leash venues or multi dog settings. show less