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Female Adult Labrador Retriever

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Hello there, I am Bernadine!I am a goofy big girl who LOVES to sniff around and investigate the smells. When I am done, I thoroughly enjoy playing with my toys, throwing them around, and running all over with them. I LOVE to play with water! I am very sweet and looking for my forever home. I CAN NOT GO HOME WITH KIDS! Please email my friends @ ; I am accepting appointments on a `first available, first serve` basis.When you email please include my ID # A1203779 your name, phone number, and date(s) and time(s) you`re available to visit me.Love,Bernadine

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Shar Pei

Shelter Volunteer Notes:Cujo is potty trained. Tends to get hot so he will drink a ton of water. He doesn`t like cats. He`s non-reactive... show more

Shelter Volunteer Notes:Cujo is potty trained. Tends to get hot so he will drink a ton of water. He doesn`t like cats. He`s non-reactive to other dogs. He likes to explore when in the yard. Does well on a leash. Since he`s an older dog, there are times when he can be set in his ways (such as not wanting to play). He will do better in a house without small kids that may play rough or antagonize him.Cujo will pull when walking to smell or mark, likes to mark a lot. Will fetch ball but doesn`t like to give it up. Will randomly bark / is vocal.Cujo is a vocal boy. He likes to talk. He needs regular potty breaks but does his best to hold it until he is outside. He is a lower energy boy. He has spurts of energy then likes to chill. Is easy to correct the barking when you aknowledge he is talking, just wants to be heard. Sweet old man.03/08/21 12:48Reason animal needs rescue: skin masses left eyelid, belly, under tailType: Medical Impound type: OSAdditional notes: Owner can`t care for them/elderlyKTyson03/12/21 12:583 masses removed, awaiting lab results. Also has ear infections.KTyson03/18/21 16:26Masses were: meibomian epithelioma (eye), perianal gland adenoma and mast cell tumor (grade II), incompletely removed.SharonO03/19/21 08:56Ear infections resolved.KTyson03/24/21 11:06Facial swelling on left side of face noted today.C.O-CHA, DVM04/03/21 11:50Needs rescue due to vomiting and diarrhea. (date removed KAT)THoshizaki04/06/21 09:25Vomiting and diarrhea resolved. KTyson04/07/21 14:39Vomiting and diarrhea resolved. Facial swelling resolved.C.O-CHA, DVM05/13/21 14:33Intermittent vomiting and diarrhea. Bloodwork unremarkable.SharonO06/11/21 15:59Continued intermittent vomiting and diarrhea. Concern for dietary sensitivity/food allergies, inflammatory bowel disease or cancer. Needs rescue by 6/16.SharonO show less