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Male Adult Catahoula Leopard Dog / Rottweiler

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02/09/21 16:21 Reason animal needs rescue: Lunging and barkingType: BehaviorDate animal needs rescue by: date removed * AVegaImpound type: OSAdditional notes: When kenneled in receiving, dog was lunging and barking at male staff member. Could be male reactive. Had a female staff member go in front of his kennel, from afar dog was loose with tail wagging, as as soon as she got closer and bent down, dog lunged and started barking aggresively. Previous behavior notes: 01/2021 Shy at first, more distracted by enviornment and noises. After spending some time with him, opens up and solicits attention from handler Handling: Able to complete full handling but it takes sometime for the dog to warm up to handlerD2D Like sized: When helper dog was pulled out, Max immediately wanted to get close to him. Both dogs were attempting to engage in play but both were rude about it (mounting, mouthing each other) no signs of aggression at this time Food/Treats: Loves treats Kennel Presence: Seems fearful at first but does a low tail wag. Able to leash and take out fine ATrujilo/ AVega02/14/21 14:47Growling and lunging when approaching kennel. Unable to take out of kennel at this time.m.kameda02/15/21 12:39Extended through date removed *AVegamr02/16/21 06:15Passing behavior shelter moving forward placed as special needs adoption AVega

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American Pit Bull Terrier

Hello! My name is Blitz.I am a big, sweet boy, who is need of a strong leader. I am a dopey boy who takes direction well when given prop... show more

Hello! My name is Blitz.I am a big, sweet boy, who is need of a strong leader. I am a dopey boy who takes direction well when given properly. The humans here use positive reinforcement and it has been working for me. When I become to excited here at the shelter I have become much better about my bad habits and do not have many left, excpet for greeting you with jumps. This behavior is easily corrected and I learn through consistency. There are a few toys that are my favorite and I LOVE to play with them! I CAN NOT go home with other animals. I must be the only pet. If you are looking for a big and sweet boy like me, please email my friends @ ; I am accepting appointments on a `first available, first serve` basis.When you email please include my ID # A1196166 your name, phone number, and date(s) and time(s) you`re available to visit me.-Blitz02/09/21 13:46Reason animal needs rescue: bit staff member Date off Quarantine: date removed Type: BehaviorDate animal needs rescue by: date removed *AVegaImpound type: StrayAdditional notes: While ACA was placing dog back in kennel, dog was very hyper and active and started being mouthy on arm. ACA moved arm and turned body then blitz ended up causing an abrasion, broke skin.mr02/19/21 12:56SPECIAL NEEDS OR RESCUE ONLY AVega show less

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American Pit Bull Terrier

Hello, I am Cleo!I am a very social dog! I LOVE humans so much. I love to say hi to all of the humans, I love when they pet me, I love j... show more

Hello, I am Cleo!I am a very social dog! I LOVE humans so much. I love to say hi to all of the humans, I love when they pet me, I love just hanging out with them, and most of all I LOVE going for walks. At the shelter, I have not met any person I do not like! Even the Officers in uniform! Toys make me very happy. I like treats but prefer affection. Please note that I cannot go to a home with Cats as I really do NOT like them.Love,CleoShelter Volunteers Say:Cleo is very sweet. She can be vocal especially if she wants something from you. She does pull on the leash. She loves to play and run around with toys. She knows some commands like sit and come. She still has a good amount of energy so exercise and walks are needed for her. Loves to play fetch. She can not live in a home with cats.11/30/20 16:49Reason animal needs rescue: skin infection, small firm swelling on backType: MedicalDate animal needs rescue by: (date removed KAT)Impound type: StrayAdditional notes: on owner holdKVuong12/03/20 11:34Also coughing, fractured incisor.SharonO12/7/20 21:54(date removed KAT)LG12/14/20 07:52(date removed KAT)12/16/20 18:11Kennel cough resolved.SharonO12/17/20 08:57(date removed KAT)12/21/20 15:48(date removed KAT)12/23/20 16:33(date removed KAT)12/28/20 10:27Skin has not improved with treatment thus far.SharonO12/28/20 10:58(date removed KAT)-No commitments or interests.....12/30/20 13:49Skin mass removed, awaiting lab results. Incisor extracted.KTyson01/04/21 10:22Mass on back was benign.KTyson01/26/21 09:53Skin culture showed skin infection with Enterococcus.KTyson01/27/21 12:03Skin biopsy showed skin cancer (squamous cell carcinoma) that was completely removed and sun-induced inflammation.KTyson show less