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Female Senior Domestic Short Hair

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Chula Vista Animal Care Facility (public)


Hello! My name is Duchess and while I am not of royal blood, I promise I can make a regal companion! I know I`m not a kitten anymore but at least you won`t have to worry about litter training me or any of your furniture being scratched. I love getting pets and being brushed and I become friends with new people very quickly. Because I am an older lady, I do have some medical issues that the staff at CVACF have been taking care of and would be happy to discuss with you for my future veterinary care. If you want to be my new friend, apply now at CVACF to take me to my new furever home!

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Hi there! My name is Max and I am a very active dog, I am a puppy after all. I need LOTS of training. I try to door dash and can sometim... show more

Hi there! My name is Max and I am a very active dog, I am a puppy after all. I need LOTS of training. I try to door dash and can sometimes be hard to leash. I also tend to pull a lot on the leash when I walk, the good thing is that I am easy to redirect. I mean what can you expect, I just want to take the whole world in at once. I tolerate the humans touching me all over, so giving me checkups should be easy. I do like to play with humans and will play bow and demand attention by pawing at you when given the chance. When it comes to toys, I LOVE them!! I can play with them all day. Squeaky toys, tennis balls, ropes... it`s endless fun! Treats! I love my rawhide! Sooo good. Speaking about treats, I am extremely food motivated. I do not know what `sit` means but I automatically do it because I know it gets me stuff. I will be easy to train if you use those yummy treats. Now... it cannot be all perfect, right? I am not the best when it comes to dogs. I tend to initially bark and lunge at them. It takes me a long time to get used to the other dog and just accept their presence. Once I am familiar with the dog, I will settle down and go back to taking the world in. Although, so far I am eager to meet cats! I met a couple while they were in their room. I wagged my big ol` tail everywhere (even knocking their food bowl!) and eagerly scooted closer to get a good sniff of them. I think I will need supervised visits with cats at first but overall should do well with a cat who understands I`m just so excited to meet them! show less

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American Pit Bull Terrier

Hey there! My names Tater. Maybe short for Tater Tot? (: I am a bit wary during initial greetings with new people and a bit hesitant. Al... show more

Hey there! My names Tater. Maybe short for Tater Tot? (: I am a bit wary during initial greetings with new people and a bit hesitant. Although once you leash me up, I`m ready to go! I do pull a bit on leash so I would benefit from some leash training. Like I mentioned in the beginning I am a little nervous at first. I do allow handling but allow me to sniff you and my surroundings, maybe even a massage and I`ll feel much more comfortable. When it comes to rawhide, there is some interest there! Although not fully committed to it, it`s what I consider a `high-value` treat. If you pull it away from me, I will go back for it and keep it to myself. Staff members took it a couple times and I don`t understand why! Don`t they get the hint? I want it for me and me only! Although, show me a treat and you got yourself a trade! Now, because of that little scene I think I may need some management on seeing what high value to me is, which could essentially involve some training. Oh! Also, I am very treat motivated and with a bit of perusing from my handler I did sit! Now let`s talk about dogs and cats!! With cats I am very persistent on meeting! I did meet a small kitten and my body language was good, but I think I was a bit too focused on them! It did take my handlers a moment to pull me away. Although, once my handlers allowed me to meet the kitten, it hissed at me!! I knew that was my que to walk away, so that is what I did. I need to respect the kitten! Now with dogs I do think I need a bit more socialization. I ran up to meet a medium sized male, did some displacement sniffing and it turned into a pee off!! Then, I met a high-ranking female. I was a bit more respectful, because she is high ranking! Although, after exchanging some sniffs I decided to walk away. I do recommend quick meetings with other dogs in a controlled environment to avoid misunderstanding! Overall, I would recommend myself in a home with kids age 10 and up who are gentle and respectful, as well as NO off-leash venues or multi-dog settings. As well as a home dedicated to training, exercise, training and management. show less