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Adopt Hermoine Granger

Female Adult Beagle / Labrador Retriever

This Pet is no longer available. Below you can find other pets in Weimaraner Rescue of Texas
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Oakley, age 8, Silver Gray, Female Weimaraner, natural tail, 60 pounds, fostered in Dallas, Texas.  Oakley is a friendly dog who loves... show more

Oakley, age 8, Silver Gray, Female Weimaraner, natural tail, 60 pounds, fostered in Dallas, Texas.  Oakley is a friendly dog who loves people, enjoys being with teenagers, and has been good with young children who have regularly visited the foster home.  She loves to be around you, likes belly rubs, and just laying by you.  She would love to hang out on the couch or sleep in your bed but has been great about staying off. Sometimes she sneaks onto the sofa or bed but gets off if asked.  She likes to be in her crate or sleep on her bed but doesn't like the door closed.  She is house trained and sleeps through the night, but she wants to be in the same room with you in her crate with the door open or on a dog bed. Oakley knows her name and is an intelligent dog. She quickly learned not to jump on people. She knows some basic commands and should pick up more commands with consistent training. She is highly motivated with food.  Oakley loves to spend time outside and enjoys playing fetch in the backyard. She does not chew on anything she is not supposed to.  She does like to surf the counter when you are not home and loves to open food packages from the pantry. The foster makes sure that no food is out and the pantry door is shut.  Oakley does not beg for food or bark to be feed. Oakley has been left at home for about 4 hours and has done fine. She is excellent in the car, either in a crate or just on the seat.  The only bad habit Oakley has is barking at people and animals that she sees.  She only barks if she sees them and doesn't bark at noises she hears outside. Oakley is not afraid of noises or thunderstorms. The foster's backyard is open to a community walking path and has a 4-foot wrought iron fence.  She has not attempted to go over the fence.   She loves to go on walks, but she likes to pull.  The foster finds the best way to control her is with a gentle leader.  It has helped her to stop pulling. She doesn't bark at other animals or people while on a walk.   Oakley likes to play with toys, chase balls, treat puzzles, and chew on nylon bones.  She has no problem with you touching her anywhere. Oakley is great about letting the foster use a drill to do her nails with treats. She has not been around a cat, but she is not good with dogs other dogs and MUST be in a home without any other animals. She has been in a foster home with another female Weimaraner and is still aggressive with her regularly. Oakley did stay with an older couple, 79 and 85 years old, while the foster family went out of town.  Oakley had no problem with the change and did great at her temporary home.  The couple felt she was perfect and enjoyed her. They thought she would be an ideal dog for an older couple. Oakley had surgery a few days after she was picked up from the shelter.  She had three large growths - two were just cysts, but one did come back as squamous cell carcinoma.  Squamous cell carcinoma, which is not as severe as some other type of carcinoma, is related to exposure to the sun in light-colored dogs.  The vet removed the mass with good margins. Oakley fur has grown back, and you can not see the scars.  Oakley does take pain medication for an old knee injury that was never fixed. It doesn't seem to slow her down, but in the evening, you could tell it would hurt when she got up. Since being on the medication, it doesn't seem to bother her.  Oakley is looking like the healthy, happy dog she is.  She has opened up, and you can tell she is content with life.  Please help Oakley find the forever family she deserves. ##945644## show less