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Male Adult Pit Bull Terrier / 31 Flavors Mixes

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About Rock n Roll

Rock n Roll A223362 Rock and Roll is a 2 year old neutered male who came into the shelter on 12/15/20 as a surrender. Handling 12/20: Handling video: Rock n Roll is a good time all around. You could say he likes to party till the wee hours of the morning even like a rockstar. His prior home situation was less than ideal, but at some point in his life someone cared for him enough to teach him some things. Rock knows basic commands and takes treats gently. He’s definitely food motivated and eager to learn. RnR loves attention and he loves getting praised while pet. He does jump for attention but annoyingly so. How can a face that cute even with dirty smudges ever be annoying really. Owner Surrender Info: abandoned by a relative, lived in a collapsing garage.

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Rock n Roll
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Pit Bull Terrier

Nora A221589 Nora is a 6 year old spayed female who came into the shelter on 10/6/20 as a confiscate. Handling 12/15: show more

Nora A221589 Nora is a 6 year old spayed female who came into the shelter on 10/6/20 as a confiscate. Handling 12/15: Handling 11/7: Handling: Look at that face!! Look at those eyes!! BEAUTIFUL!! She is so bewildered by the shelter environment. Not sure how she got here or why she is here. We have spent time with her over the past week since age arrived at the shelter and can see it will take a little more time for her to trust us. She is easy to leash up and take outside-she has learned the routine! When she sees the volunteer with treats and a leash approach her kennel she knows that mean it’s her turn and she is ready!! Outside she keeps to herself coming close enough to ask for more treats but staring deeply into your eyes and making quiet snort sounds-that means “I would like more treats please”. Nora spends most of her time sniffing the perimeter of the play yard and will often watch trucks as they park nearby-I imagine she is thinking to herself “are they here for me ?” She misses someone and seems quite well cared for. Soon we know she will trust us at the shelter and see we only want the best for her. Give her a few days and she will blossom!! We love her don’t you?? show less