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Female Senior American Pit Bull Terrier

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San Jose Animal Care Center

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Shelter Volunteers Say:Margaret is very energetic. She does look at cats but did not obsess or pull towards them. She has good potty habits. Margaret likes to sniff around, needs work leash but doesn`t pull too hard, doesn`t seemed interested in toys at this time, knows sit, seems to know come & down & rollover & high five/ten & shake, gives kisses and doesn`t react to dogs at this time.she reminds me of a cross between Ginger and Lizzy. Sweet and playful. Potty trained. High energy. Does show reactivity to some dogs.Margaret can become nippy/mouthy on arms when highly aroused. Easy to correct behaviors.01/04/21 17:10Reason animal needs rescue: mass on left kneeType: MedicalImpound type: StrayKVuong01/05/21 10:29Also has left ear infection.KTyson01/06/21 12:18Ear infections in both ears, ulceration and redness on between toes (likely pododermatitis), mass is likely lipoma; (date removed)KTyson01/12/21 10:55 (date removed)01/13/21 10:33Ulceration between toes resolved.SharonO

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American Pit Bull Terrier

Hello Human! I am Goose.I am a sweet boy looking for my Maverick. If you are looking for a sweet, low key boy, I am your guy! I am a low... show more

Hello Human! I am Goose.I am a sweet boy looking for my Maverick. If you are looking for a sweet, low key boy, I am your guy! I am a lowkey dog who does enjoy a mixture of playing and lounging. It will take me a little to bond to you at first because I have been here so long, but once I do, I can not get enough of my human friends! I AM A VOLUNTEER FAVORITE!I am currently accepting scheduled adoption visits. If you`re interested in meeting me to see if we are a match, then please email my friends @ ; I am accepting appointments on a `first available, first serve` basis.When you email please include my ID # A1194315 your name, phone number, and date(s) and time(s) you`re available to visit me.Love,goose11/16/20 19:04Reason animal needs rescue: Surrendered by owner due to not getting along with other dogs and cats. At shelter able to take out of kennel on leash, dog is focused on environment. Able to pet, with more invasive handling, body stiffens and dog lip licks. When meeting subbmissive female dog approaches wagging and sniffs without problem. When meeting pushy male dog, air snapps to give warning when approached frontal then walks away. Needs further evaluation for handling and affiliation.Type: Behavior>Date animal needs rescue by: date removed * AVegaImpound type: OSm.kameda11/19/20 09:32Passing behavior. Takes time to warm up but able to complete invasive handling. With male handler does approach with time. When seeing another dog at a distance avoids and stays close to handler. When helper dog attempts to engage does a growl then avoids. AVega01/04/21 13:39Need rescue for having discharge from both eyes.KVuong01/06/21 09:33Eye discharge resolved.KTyson show less