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Female Baby Siamese

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Cameron Animal Hospital Rescue

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About Ollie

Ollie has big ears and an even bigger personality. She loves to run and play, talks frequently, and loves having company and attention. Ollie is generally healthy; she is FeLV/FIV (-/-), fully vaccinated, and will be spayed. However, she has a condition called hyperaesthesia, in which her nerves can be hypersensitive. This causes even the gentlest touch to sometimes be overstimulating. Therefore, although Ollie wants attention and petting, she can sometimes be nervous and jumpy. At this time Ollie takes a medication to help bring her nerve firing back to normal levels. (Fortunately she eats it well in her food.) This is a condition that she may age out of, and having room to run and play in a home, therefore reducing kennel stress and frustration, will also help. Due to this condition we are looking for an adopter with an extensive veterinary history. Ollie will do best in an adult only home. Ollie has been good with other animals, but will be ok as a single pet. If you are interested in adopting Ollie, please indicate that you have read and understand her medical condition, and that you have an extensive veterinary history. Please email for more information about Ollie.

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Domestic Short Hair

Einstein is a special boy. He came to Cameron Animal Hospital as a kitten with an upper respiratory infection so severe that his eyes we... show more

Einstein is a special boy. He came to Cameron Animal Hospital as a kitten with an upper respiratory infection so severe that his eyes were sealed closed. He received intensive nursing care, but the infection caused problems with his sinuses, leading to chronic sneezing and nasal discharge. Unfortunately, no adopters have wanted to look past this problem to the wonderful cat underneath, and Einstein has yet to find his forever home. Einstein is as smart as his name suggests; he likes to examine and try out new toys, but easily becomes bored with repetition. He talks constantly, telling you about what he is seeing and doing, and what he wants you to do. He knows tricks, including sit and paw, but because he is smart and stubborn, and not always food motivated, he only performs them when he wants to. Einstein can initially be nervous with new people and places, but if you take the time and patience, you will have a friend for life. Once Einstein trusts you he is affectionate, chatty, and loves to cuddle. He likes to curl up on your lap to watch tv or read a book. He also shows off his toys to his buddies. Einstein absolutely loves dogs, (including large breeds- he is good buddies with a pit bull). He talks and coos to them, rubs against them, and tries to play with them. He is more particular about cats, and doesn't like hyper young kittens, but is ok with calm cats his age or older. Similarly, young energetic children will probably be too much for him, but he should be fine with older children. Other than his intermittent sneezing and nasal discharge, Einstein is completely healthy. He is FeLV/FIV (-/-), neutered, and has had a full series of vaccines. Although we will miss him when he finds his forever home, seeing him happy and thriving in a home of his own will be a wonderful reward. Please email for more information. show less