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Male Young Husky

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San Jose Animal Care Center

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About *MILO

11/16/20 19:25Reason animal needs rescue: Alarm barking and air snapping at other dogs from a distance.Type: BehaviorDate animal needs rescue by: (date removed)Impound type: StrayAdditional notes: Dog is social with people and very young. At front wagging and licking handlers hand through kennel. Approaches handling play bows with dialated eyes and alarm barks. Able to redirect, after calming down will approach and lean on handler.Tolerates full invasive handling with soft body.D2D Like sized: alarm barks and pulls toward air snapping within 5ft., unable to allow close greeting due to leash reactivity. Eats from food bowl and freezes when hand is near bowl, will start eating again if hand doesn`t move.m.kameda11/19/20 08:50 Passing Behavior. Second evaluation: Same behavior with handler. Does jump and place mouth on handler arms (no pressure) When meeting two male dogs same behavior: pulls on the leash , alarm barks and growls. AVega

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