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Female Adult American Pit Bull Terrier

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San Jose Animal Care Center

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10/01/20 16:02Intake notes:Ginger is coming to us today as an OS. DO is unable to continue to house the animal where he lives. When DO brought Ginger home, she got into a couple altercations with the other dog in the house. There is also a small child in the house. He said there was no signs of aggression towards the child. Upon intake, Ginger was on high alert but very handable, walked on leash well, kenneled without issue.Upon transfering animal to kennel fixed eyes, growling, baring teeth. MK resorted to using control pole at which Ginger starting biting at pole, tugging. dr10/02/20 09:14Reason animal needs rescue: Whale eyes, growling and tense posture in the kennelType: BEHAVIORDate animal needs rescue by: DATE REMOVEDImpound type: OSAdditional notes: Is in the front of the kennel laying on bed. When handler coaxes is growling and averts eyes contact. Freezes when handler attempts to approach. Gives low growl and head it tucked into neck. Unable to take out at this time. AVega10/06/20 06:52Extended through DATE REMOVEDLG10/10/20 17:15Improvement in behavior. Able to take out does growl and alarm bark. Once outside seeks attention from handler . When meeting small and large helper dog is not interested stays close to handler when helper does is close to the face bares teeth AVega10/10/20 17:30Extended through DATE REMOVEDLG10/11/20 16:06Alarm barking and growling with dialated eyes in kennel. When opening kennel door behvavior disapates enough to leash and walk outside. Sits next to handler and allows pets. Will stiffen posture with any eye contact. Remains affiliative behavior and allows pets on head as long as handler doesn`t make eye contact. m.kameda10/12/20 16:00Extended through DATE REMOVED10/19/20 16:34Extended through DATE REMOVED10/23/20 12:19Gingers is passing behavior now and is moving forward to health check, RK10/23/20 15:41Broken canine tooth, skin mass on back.KTyson10/26/20 13:592 teeth extracted. 2 masses removed, awaiting lab results.KTyson10/29/20 11:26Mammary mass was actually two benign mammary tumors. The other mass was a subcutaneous mast cell tumor. SharonO

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