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Male Adult Border Collie / Pointer

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Austin Animal Center

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I weigh approximately 48 lbs. Are you ready to get down and boogie? Then we have just the pup for you! It`s... wait for it, wait for it... Boogie! His shelter friends have described him as sweet, ridiculous, firecracker, hilarious. So basically, the total package!Boogie loves to meet new people but he can be a bit... um, enthusiastic with his greetings. What we mean is, he may accidentally headbutt you while trying to give you a kiss. Ruh roh! Boogie is working on reigning it in, but it`s hard y`all! All that energy and living in a shelter kennel most of the day... it`s tough on this young, smart pup.Boogie is also an athletic dude... zoomies, fetching, and toy-tossing are his current top 3 sports. We have no doubt he would excel in agility if given the opportunity! Boogie went on a hike recently and omigosh... all the smells! All the sights! All the everything! He declared it was the Best Day Ever. Boogie got an A on his report card after a recent outing with our trainer. He loved riding in the car... just looking out the window and taking it all in. At the house, he was excited initially and then settled in and entertained himself with various toys. The trainer said Boogie is a super smartpants with plenty of energy and a soft heart. We agree!Boogie would do best with an active adopter who takes him on walks (or runs!) and also works his brain with puzzle toys and focus games. We think he`d do great with teenagers but he`s too much doggo for little kids. Boogie may be able to live with another dog in the future but he needs to go to a pet-free home for now. Boogie needs someone willing to give him time to decompress and help him find his groove. Boogie will go home with tons of support from the Orange Dot Crew (a volunteer advocacy group at the shelter), a goody bag of enrichment items, and free training support thanks to Friends of AAC and their Behavior Assistance Program!

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