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Male Adult Pointer

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Austin Animal Center

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Melrose is a priority for a foster home. He has been returned multiple times in a short period, and each time he is brought back to the shelter, he declines a little bit more. It is heartbreaking to see him drooling, pacing, and spinning.Melrose needs someone who accepts there will be some potentially frustrating times in the beginning. He needs someone who won’t give up on him when things aren`t going perfectly. Because they`re not going to go perfectly, and that’s just reality. This is a pup who has been through a lot in his short life, and it’s gonna take time for him to decompress & settle in.His volunteer advocates at the Orange Dot Crew will be there to offer support and guidance. - you will not be alone! Melrose will also go home with a training plan from Dog Possible for you to follow, and he will receive free training support thanks to Friends of Austin Animal Center’s Behavior Assistance Program. Melrose needs a calm, quiet home - adults and older kiddos only, and no pets. While he has the potential to live with a dog in the future, that time is not now.We don`t know how long it will take Melrose to settle in. But we know it will happen if someone is willing to give him whatever time that he needs, along with the structure & consistency that he’s never had.Melrose has travelled a hard road, and he deserves a spot & quiet spot to land. If you think you could be Melrose`s angel, please reach out. Thank you!

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