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Female Adult Domestic Short Hair

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Footbridge Foundation

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About Bella

Meet Bella, our super duper sweet, cuddly girl who loves to play. She's four years old and weighs almost 10 pounds. And, dear Bella is FIV+. Did you know that FIV+ cats can live long, healthy lives, just like cats who are FIV-? Yes, they can still get ill - they are immunocompromised. But they need the same loving care any other cat needs: to live indoors in a clean, stress-free place; a healthy diet; two vet visits a year; and tons of love. FIV+ cats should see their vet at the first sign of illness so they can be treated quickly. Due to their FIV+ status, this may mean they're treated longer and more aggressively for conditions than other cats. But, the great news is, FIV+ cats, including Bella can still live long, healthy lives and bring so much joy into our lives. We would love for you to meet lovely Bella and consider making her a part of your family. To meet Bella, please send us an application.

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American Short Hair

Matisse (orange tabby) and his brother, Picasso (grey tabby), are three-year-old American Short Hair cats who've emerged from a very dif... show more

Matisse (orange tabby) and his brother, Picasso (grey tabby), are three-year-old American Short Hair cats who've emerged from a very difficult situation to now become the most wide-eyed and delightful pets! Their foster has taught them to walk on leashes and they LOVE it - she's generously offered to send the leashes with the cats when they are adopted. Because they are American Short Hair cats, they hardly ever shed. They like to be brushed but hardly any fur comes off! They are very tall skinny cats that look a little exotic or Egyptian because of their long legs. These brothers are super sweet, playful, and curious and they never bite or scratch. They get along well with other cats and with dogs. These beautiful boys belonged to an older lady who couldn't keep them because she had to have heart surgery. As it turns out, these poor kitties were kept in a pet carrier their whole lives and when we received them, they were emaciated and very underweight. Even with that difficult beginning to their lives, they are totally tame and sweet but everything is a new experience for them and they are coming out of their shells. They are so funny to watch because they haven't seen much. They freaked out to see a squirrel or even just a water pitcher! They adore attention, catnip, toys, and spending a little time outdoors when they can be supervised. We would love to find an adopter who will adopt them both as they are bonded and have counted on each other during their difficult first years. Would you like to meet these lovely brothers who are so appreciative of love and who see the world with wonder? Send us an application! show less