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Female Young Jindo

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About JADE

Recommend an experienced leadership home with kids age 12 years and up who are gentle and respectful. Social, moderately tolerant high energy adolescent who exhibited hard jump ups and some light to medium mouthing. Pulls on leash - recommend a front lead harness to maximize mileage on your much needed walks. Is there a runner in your home who needs a companion? Played intermitently with a stuffed squeeky toy and chased a tossed ball but with no retrieval interest. Demonstrated a hard competitive push on yummy food - traded out. Highly recommend this be her training policy for good habits. Treat motivated, knows sit. Needs a leadership home with rules dedicated to training and exercise.Dog to dog: Excitable greet with a calm respectful medium sized male dog. Distracted by odors in the environment and exchanged mutual sniffs. Then she suddenly bounced off his hind end from the side four times in quick sucession in oblivious play but was not reciprocated so seperated and ended session. Will need matching for her play partners.

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American Pit Bull Terrier

Hey hey hey!! Thanks for checking me out. I have a nickname around here, beefy boy! Could you guess why? I am a ENERGETIC, hyper guy loo... show more

Hey hey hey!! Thanks for checking me out. I have a nickname around here, beefy boy! Could you guess why? I am a ENERGETIC, hyper guy looking for the perfect family for me. Which, honestly I think would be a family with no children under the age of 15. The reason for that is because of my high level of arousal with jumping and being very mouthy. Now, more about me. I love to say hi to my handlers. I will let them know with a big ol` wiggly butt and a big kiss to the face! I do pull on leash when first leaving anywhere but that`s just because of the initial excitement for just getting some fresh air, after that I am pretty easy to walk afterwords. I allow handling from everyone but I get sooo excited and happy that I become really mouthy! So watch out for your fingers! I love to play with my handlers but I would recommend allowing me to calm down if I get too much, which would be best for both you and I. I currently know sit and down and would loooove to learn some more commands! Especially since I am very food motivated. Speaking of food, I LOVE food! I love it so much that I would rather not share. I hope you understand what I mean by that so please be respectful and allow me to finish my food. Now dogs, they`re cool! All types of them. Although, I think I am a bit pushy when I meet them. So I would recommend helping me socialize with other dogs to help me. So to run things down, I would recommend myself in an experienced household who understands my behavior and can properly manage it. As well as a household with no young children. If I fit your lifestyle, I hope to meet you soon!!Dog-Cat: Saw a couple cats and ignored, kept sniffing around. Once in room, face to face w/ a kitten. Sniffed, slight tail wag then turned and walked away. show less

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American Pit Bull Terrier

Reccomend an experienced home with kids age 12 and up who are gentle and respectful. Lottie is a moderate energy teenager at an awkward... show more

Reccomend an experienced home with kids age 12 and up who are gentle and respectful. Lottie is a moderate energy teenager at an awkward age. She sometimes presents as serious and somewhat judgy as she is figuring out her place in the world. Other times she presents as a silly, playful youngster.She is moderately social, mostly tolerant of handling and pulls on leash. She shows no interest in toys at this time, but hopefully she will loosen up and enjoy them soon.In the assessment when presented with a particularly yummy bowl of food she settled into enjoying it. She refused to budge from it despite a hard push from a fake hand. No other escalation shown. So we instigated a `trade out` upgrade as a training exercise. She participated in this exercise 3 times as an interruption of her meal and we let her finish the bowl. The last step into her food area resulted in a freeze and solid direct eye contact. We carefully resumed the last trade out for the bowl. Continuing this protocal is a must, in addition to a leadership training policy called `nothing in life is for free`. Lottie needs an experienced leadership home with rules dedicated to training and exercise.NOT CATSDog to dog - 1st encounter: Met a medium sized calm mature male dog where she mostly ignored him and looked through him mainly checking out the environment. A few times briefly when in close proximity she would focus on him with pilo and a slight freeze before resuming ignoring him.A few days later, 2nd encounter:An introduction was done with a more confident, bolder adult male Pittie. She became pilo erect from afar, pulling towards, barking and general trash talking. Wanted to meet as an equal and rather full of herself. On closer encounter she was startled when he called her on it and hovered over her (ranking) and sniffing invasively. She finally (caved in her posturing) gave a light tail wag, became playful and jumped on the handler multiple times. So when confronted with a stronger personality she allowed invasive sniffing without correcting or avoiding- then went and jumped on handler out of mouthy arousal. She jumps excessively. In summary: Someday over the next year of learning she will be a high ranking female with dogs. Guiding her sucessfully through this period of learning will be formative in her adult personality to be cognizant of proper dog diplomacy and not become a bully. No off leash venues or multiple dog sett show less