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Baby Domestic Medium Hair

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About JJ and TJ

Meet precious Jj and Tj. These boys were part of a litter born in one of our board member’s garage. They had a good mama who took care of them, but the real world was not so kind. One of the neighborhood cats killed their sibling the first day mom tried to take them out. So they had scheduled visitations with mom but could not stay with her full time. They became very good buddies with their human friends. The other siblings have been adopted and now it is time for these boys. They have moved indoors and become true house cats. They are about 5 months old.  They are litter boxed trained, love their toys and their climber. And most importantly they love their food!!!! They are very BONDED and want to stay together. So a home that could adopt both would be great! If interested fill out our application or email any questions to

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JJ and TJ
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Meet Brock! Brock was turned into BARC along with his sister Tina. The owner stated that with the difficulties of the pandemic, that he... show more

Meet Brock! Brock was turned into BARC along with his sister Tina. The owner stated that with the difficulties of the pandemic, that he could not keep them even though he had had them since they were pups. When we heard this it broke our hearts knowing that they went from the only home they knew since they were puppies, to a scary windowless run in the shelter. The shelter staff said that Brock was friendly and well tempered. When we got there to see him, he just wiggled his bottom constantly and wanted pets and attention. While we had him out he met a pit bull that was walking by and he was great. He did not growl or bark, but just wiggled his bottom more and went up to greet the other dog. He rode great in the car to the doggy boarding facility where we took him, but a couple times just wanted to get in the driver's lap and get attention.    Brock is a big boy and weighs close to 100 pounds, but he is not overweight. Brock is just a big ball of sweetness. He's about 3 years old.  When you look at Brock's pictures, you will notice some patches of bright white fur on him. We haven't had him checked out by our vet yet (he's going next week), but it looks like he has vitiligo. This is not a problem and will not affect him in any way, other than making him look unique. Please give this handsome, and unique looking, boy the home that he wants so bad - forever. Tina has already landed a fabulous new home so now it's Brock's turn!  Let's get him out of boarding and back into a home!  Please complete an app at   show less

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Looking for an active, smart boy who would love a structured home with plenty of exercise?  Chevy is your guy!     Chevy has bee... show more

Looking for an active, smart boy who would love a structured home with plenty of exercise?  Chevy is your guy!     Chevy has been in our program for a few years now as he needs to go to that perfect home that understands him and his needs.  You see, Chevy is a working/herding breed of dog and was on his own to fend for himself for so long on the rough streets of Houston that he's leery of people until he gets to know you.  Chevy had been living under a truck for a while (it was a Chevy) while a Scout's Honor volunteer was working to gain his trust. He kept going every day to feed him and give him some attention. The business near where he was let him come onto their property and provided him some shelter.  Unfortunately, because there was a busy street nearby, Chevy got bumped by a few cars when he was out and about and lost a few teeth as a result.  Luckily, he did not sustain any significant injuries, and just needed to eat and get a bath.  Fast-forward a few years, Chevy is in boarding and loves other dogs and loves to play !  He is a high energy dog, but is also very smart and alert. He needs A LOT of exercise and positive reinforcement, but will pick up very quickly on what you are teaching him. He would be a great dog for agility or flyball!!  As long as you keep him busy and challenged he will impress you with how well he can learn things. He just wants someone who will give him the direction, attention and structure he wants/needs. He would make a great dog for an active home with NO kiddos.  Kiddos are just too unpredictable for this guy.  He also needs a home that understands how to properly introduce him to new people and watch his cues.  Chevy can be very protective of his people and area, so proper intros are a must.  He would do best in a home that does not have a lot of new people coming in/out. True to his Kelpie/Basenji breed, Chevy likes to herd and run and play .  Check out this video of him just having a grand time running - look at those turns!  Kelpie's/Basenji's are unique problem solvers and will find a way to do whatever he deems necessary.  True to these breed, he will also be fierlcy protective of his family (getting back to proper intros).  Chevy fits these traits to a T, and anyone who knows and loves the herding breeds would just adore little Chevy!!   Chevy is up to date on vaccinations, neutered and micro-chipped.   Please contact us at if you are interested in fostering or adopting this precious guy!  You can read all about our foster and adoption process, as well as make a donation for his care, on our website at    show less

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Cattle Dog

Meet Clyde! You may remember Clyde’s sad story of cruelty and neglect.  We were shocked when we saw his pictures and heard how he had... show more

Meet Clyde! You may remember Clyde’s sad story of cruelty and neglect.  We were shocked when we saw his pictures and heard how he had literally been strangled with a belt by his so called owner.  His strangulation caused a massive deep cut all around his neck and caused the blood not be able to circulate resulting in his face ballooning until he was unrecognizable.  He was confiscated from his owner and charges are pending.  In the meantime, we brought him into our rescue and have nursed him back to health. We could tell he didn’t know what it was like to be treated kindly, but after talking to him a bit and giving him love, he started wagging his tail. He is BEYOND sweet!!  Check him out HERE playing with his friends at daycare! We are happy to report that with the help of the vets, we provided pictures and info on the extent of his injuries to the Harris County DA's office. His former owner was prosecuted and justice was done! Clyde is about 4-5 years old and a Cattle Dog mix of sorts.  He’s friendly and fun-loving but cautious with new people until he knows you mean him no harm.  He does great with most other dogs that are medium to large in size.  He is high-energy, so he would do best in an active home and with another active dog that can play, and play, and play with him!  He’s not especially fond of cats, so a home without cats is a must. Clyde is just the sweetest, although he does get his feelings hurts easily when corrected, so he is a quick learner and pleaser.  Makes training a piece of cake! Clyde is doing fabulous in his foster home with his 2 canine siblings, but he would really love to find a forever home where he never has to worry again!  Contact us at if you can help! No surprise here in Houston and considering the condition he was in, Clyde is heartworm positive, but don’t worry. Scout’s Honor is taking care of that for him and if you want to adopt Clyde before he's all clear (which would be great!) we will continue to cover the expense of his medicine and next heartworm check. We can explain it all but he's going to be just fine.     Check out Clyde playing with his friends at daycare HERE     show less