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Male Adult German Shepherd Dog / American Bulldog

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Austin Animal Center

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About MAX

Max. WHAT a good dog. His iconic thick yellow collar has honeycomb and bumblebees printed on it, earning him the nickname Bumblebee Max. That big ol’ collar is just for decoration though, because he’s super easy on a leash! The quickest way to his heart is through a good game of fetch. That, or some treats. Or both.This handsome boy is many volunteers’ first walk of the day when they arrive at the shelter. Why? Not only is he super sweet, he’s super house trained! While that’s a great skill in a home, it can be detrimental to a shelter dog. With less volunteers able to go on campus these days, dogs get less walks. A dog like Max will hold it in all day until someone is able to get him out. That’s not good for him, and could result in infection! He’s just TOO good of a dog, we guess. To top it all off, Max has lived well with kids, and his previous owner noted that he’s an excellent listener. He knows sit, stay, and come. His goofy eyebrows make him look like he’s in a constant state of worry, but don’t be fooled! Once he trusts you (and it doesn’t take much to get to that point), he’ll give you all the love.I weigh approximately 77 lbs. Click here to view my paperwork.

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