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Male Adult German Shepherd Dog

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Greater Houston German Shepherd Dog Rescue

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About Acer

Acer is a sweet, goofy, smart, playful, and very laid back guy. He seems so happy to be in a loving foster home. At first, he was very hesitant to engage with us. He seemed to be trying to figure out who was who, and what we wanted from him. It was like he was afraid he might make a mistake, and we would be angry with him. We suspect he may have had a very tough life, where he was not treated with kindness and love. Little by little, he has realized that nobody will hurt him or be angry at him for making a mistake. As he has learned to trust us, we can tell that Acer wants so much to be a loyal family dog. Right now, we are continuing to work with Acer to learn how to live happily and confidently with a family. When we take him out into the yard, he will leap and run in the most playful way, but then he is quick to run right back to us when it is time to go in. Also, as his confidence grows, we can tell he is ready for training, and seems to really want to learn. He has a few toys that he shows some interest in, but he is still working on understanding how it feels to have his own toys to play with. Acer seems to love children. He is currently in a house with a 10 year old boy, and Acer really likes to go outside and play with him.

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Bruno Boy

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Bruno Boy has a pending adoption! Bruno Boy's foster Mom says he's the best foster dog ever! He's a little on the smaller side, but don't let that fool you - he's solid muscle. He loves to run and play with his two GSD foster siblings, and the 12 year old boy. He even lives with 3 cats in his foster home! He completely ignores two of them (who are very calm older cats), but wants to chase the one who hisses at him and runs away because he thinks it's a game (that cat is not amused by this game at all!). Bruno is the most loving and affectionate dog in the house. He loves to curl up on the sofa with his foster Mom and watch TV, and lays his head in her lap for pets when she is at the computer. He's a big snuggler! Bruno Boy is house trained (no accidents at all!), rides very well in the car, takes treats gently, and loves to go for walks. He pulls on the leash for about the first 5 minutes because he's so excited, but then calms down and walks well on a leash. He is working on learning commands like "sit" and "stay", but always comes when you call him. He is kennel trained, but doesn't like it too much, and will sometimes bark (especially at night). His foster Mom has started just leaving him out at night, and there have been no problems or accidents! He just curls up on his dog bed and sleeps through the night. He is a bit of a begger when his foster family sits down to dinner, so he goes in the kennel to prevent that. Bruno Boy is now looking for his forever home, could that be you? Additional information:Very good with calm cats - totally ignores them. Not so great with mean cats who hiss and run - wants to chase them because he thinks it's a game. show less