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Male Adult Boxer

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I weigh approximately 63 lbs. Click here to view my paperwork.Winston is such a goofy dog. He`s such a quick learner. He knows sit, wait/stay, shake, lay down, `to your spot` (which means go to the nearest carpet/blanket to sit), and back-up. He learned `play dead` in less than a day. He`s also learning `find it` where he finds treats hidden around the house and he`ll sniff around and find them. He`s even been able to find pieces of clothing that I hide for him! He loves his toys. He loves kong toys (and doesn`t even need them to be stuffed with treats, he just chews them, and pounces on them when they roll away). He loves to tug, absolutely looooves soft squeaky toys, and tests the limits of `indestructible` toys. We do have to keep our socks and shoes out of his reach but he`s happy to trade our socks/shoes for his toy.He`s hesitant to be around new people (stranger danger) and is leash reactive on walks. Anyone that meets Winston needs to be introduced slowly (and this is something AAC can help with). The way to Winston`s heart is through various types of cheese haha. After a session or two of tossing cheese towards Winston, it doesn`t take long until he learns that you`re the key to those tasty snacks. We are currently muzzle-training him to lessen my anxiety with his leash reactivity (and also to help with his leash-walking since he thinks the leash is a toy to tug). He`s displayed a few instances of resource guarding but over time has become more manageable and has really improved. If he ever has something of high value, we make sure to give him space and he`s willing to trade for something of higher value. His resource guarding has led to a few nips and bites towards me so it`s really important that everyone he meets knows this.

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