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Male Senior American Staffordshire Terrier

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Austin Animal Center

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The shelter can be a pretty stressful place for any dog but it is especially stressful when being surrounded by dogs makes you anxious. And that`s what is going on with Frasier. He is a total love with people, but when he sees other dogs, he becomes overwhelmed. He desperately needs out of the shelter.We have seen this behavior in dogs before, and we know that when we get these pups out of the shelter and in a quiet home environment, they completely thrive. When volunteers take Frasier to one of the shelter`s tiny houses, and it is just him and his person, that`s when we see the real Frasier. The one who leans into you for pets, who gazes at you with adoration, who wags his tail softly in appreciation of your attention.At 11 years old, the shelter is no place for Frasier. He is clearly confused to be here, and we don`t blame him. What does Frasier`s ideal home look like? He needs a home with a fenced yard to call his own. Frasier needs to be the only pet but would love to be doted on by a family - adults only or a family with teenagers. We have no doubt he will seamlessly become a part of your family and you`ll wonder what took you so long to bring him home.Frasier has so many strikes against him: He`s black. He`s a senior. He`s a pittie mix. He has some lumps and bumps. He needs to be the only pet. We need someone who will look past all of that and accept Frasier for who he is, which is a loyal and loving dog who deserves a chance.The Orange Dot Crew (a volunteer advocacy group at Austin Animal Center) will be there every step of the way to make sure that your new pet is set up for success with their new family.I weigh approximately 81 lbs.

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Labrador Retriever

Meet Annie! She is a young, energetic pup who loves being around people... her favorite thing is getting some snuggles and pets! Annie l... show more

Meet Annie! She is a young, energetic pup who loves being around people... her favorite thing is getting some snuggles and pets! Annie loves going on outings to the park... she has SO much fun sniffing` all the things and meeting all the people! Her shelter BFF has also taken her to eat pizza (YUM!!) as well as to an agility class (gotta burn off those pizza-eating calories!). Annie adapts easily to each new situation and always has a smile on her face. She is 100% an adventure buddy! Annie has potential to live with another confident dog once she’s had plenty of time to decompress from the stress of the shelter. She really needs someone who is patient and willing to go slowly with her. Luckily Annie comes with lots of support from the Orange Dot Crew (a volunteer advocacy group) and free training thanks to Friends of AAC. An ideal home for Annie will be with someone who wants to take her on walks to work her little body and then provide her with enrichment items and puzzle toys to work her little mind! She would likely be too much doggo for young kids but teenagers who want to help with her training would be great! Annie would also do best in a house with a yard. Annie is growing up in the shelter and we won’t sugarcoat it… it’s tough on her. She deserves a real home… she deserves a family. Please reach out to learn more about this sweet & sassy gal!I weigh approximately 55 lbs. show less