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Female Adult American Pit Bull Terrier

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Are you looking for the champion cuddler? Do you want a super-smart dog who`s a total people pleaser? How about the goofiest little pittiepotamus anyone has ever laid eyes on? If you answered `yes` to any of the above, Hattie may just be the dog for you. Hattie loves people so, so much! Young or old, it doesn`t matter to her. She loves to give out her signature Hattie Hugs: placing her front legs on your waist or shoulders and just standing there, soaking in the cuddles. Because of this, she may be too strong for a toddler. Anyone else is just fine! She`s very tolerant, and doesn`t snap or growl even if you take her favorite toy from right under her nose or hold her on her back like a baby. She`s just glad to be included. Hattie is very much a couch dog, but she loves to go sniff around the great outdoors, too. Yeah, she`s a bit of a diva, and will dramatically drop to the ground when she gets hot. Don`t worry about that, though, because she forgets all about that sass when she`s in an interesting environment with new people, dogs, sights, or smells. Speaking of dogs, Hattie would like to be an only dog, please! She`s not a huge fan of cats, either- we can`t blame her, they just taunt her for being on a leash! Hattie thinks that`s just rude. Miss Hattie already knows sit, down, and roll over, and she`d love to show off her tricks to you- or just give you alllll the kisses. Whichever you prefer, she`s down either way. Hattie weighs approximately 50 lbs. Click here to view my paperwork.

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American Pit Bull Terrier

All we can think when we look at Angus is, `GAH!! How can a dog be this cute?!` That wrinkled face, the smooshy lips, the sneaky side-ey... show more

All we can think when we look at Angus is, `GAH!! How can a dog be this cute?!` That wrinkled face, the smooshy lips, the sneaky side-eye... it`s all too adorable!Angus is one of those dogs who thrives once he has some consistency and guidance. When he first arrived at the shelter, he was so afraid that he would hide under his bed. But after lots of positive interactions, Angus learned that the staff and volunteers were there to help him and take care of him. He definitely has his enthusiastic moments but he calms with appropriate redirection, and focus games are his jam! Angus loves toys and one of his favorite things to do is select a toy from the toy bin and then throw it around in the air. Yippee!Angus is always super excited to make friends. Hey new person, are you my fren? Yes! What about you, mister, you my fren, too? Ok! And that person over there not looking at me, can they also be my fren? Yay! Angus is also very dog social and enjoyed going to play group at the shelter. We think he would love to live with a doggy friend, or go on regular play dates!We know from his time in foster that Angus is house trained and crate trained. He walks nicely on a leash and wants to sniff allllll the things! Angus is still a youngin so he sometimes decides to chew on stuff he is not supposed to, but he trades nicely for a treat or an appropriate toy. Angus would do well in most home environments but we would not recommend young kiddos since he can sometimes get jumpy/mouthy when he is excited.I weigh approximately 57 lbs. Click here to view my paperwork. show less