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Male Adult American Pit Bull Terrier

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Austin Animal Center

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Limburger is a joy to have! He is the perfect combination of energetic and lazy. He enjoys going on hikes and lounging around the house just as well. Limburger is VERY treat motivated which makes it easy for him to learn new tricks! Recently he learned how to `play dead` with a cowboy hat on and it is the cutest thing! He is a friendly and lovable dog! He will moan and groan if he is not the one getting affection and will completely melt once you begin to pet him. He loves belly rubs and getting his hair brushed. One of Limburger`s favorite things to do is to destroy stuffed animals! He gets the biggest kick out of taking the squeaky toy out and is very proud when he does! This big boy loves to play! He will run away with our shoes just to get a reaction out of us and we have to negotiate for them back. He has never destroyed anything, he is just very playful! A very big plus is that Limburger is house and crate trained! He is like clockwork so we never have to worry about any accidents inside the home. I weigh approximately 75 lbs. Click here to view my paperwork.

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