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Male Baby Weimaraner

This Pet is no longer available. Below you can find other pets in Weimaraner Rescue of Texas
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Emma Rose


Emma Rose is a 10-year-old, 50 pound, gray female that was first rescued from a high-kill shelter where her owners had surrendered her. ... show more

Emma Rose is a 10-year-old, 50 pound, gray female that was first rescued from a high-kill shelter where her owners had surrendered her.  At 39 pounds she was dangerously malnourished, and had a hard time even walking. X-rays have shown prior untreated injuries to her ribs and back.  Her teeth were a yellow and grey mess. It appears this poor girl had lived a life without even her basic needs attended to. Even so, at 10 years old, Emma is just the sweetest little lady you will ever meet.  She loves to be petted and enjoys hanging out on her doggie bed near you.  She doesn’t really care about toys; she’d rather take a nap out on the patio.  Showers are no problem at all.  She doesn’t mind kids and dogs, mostly because she chooses to ignore them.  She’s not able to see or hear very well, which makes ignoring them easy to do, but it also means that it takes some time for her to get used to a new place.  She can navigate by following walls, fences, and furniture, but will always need to be protected from things like open pools or stairways.  While she’s learning her way around, she may find herself lost in the middle of a room or stuck in a corner.  A guiding hand on her neck will usually get her back on track. Even after having 9 of her front teeth pulled, Emma loves to eat and has already gained 10 pounds.  With another 3-4 pounds she will be at her ideal weight.  Like most seniors, she has a few ailments.  She has arthritis in her shoulders and hips, so she’s not as flexible as a younger dog might be. This keeps her from being able to use a doggy door or get into a car by herself.  She finds it difficult to hold her back end up if she has to stand in one place very long and will sometimes need a little help getting to a comfortable position laying down.  She can go up and down a few steps at a time, but not a full flight, so will need to be able to stay on one level.  On the plus side, she can’t get on furniture or counter surf.  But arthritis doesn’t keep her from going on walks!  Her sense of smell is still very much intact, and she will smell everything as she strolls along.   She is very polite, never pulling on the leash or barking at other dogs or people, unless there are too many strangers up close.  Not being able to see or hear makes that a little scary for her and she will bark to ask them to back off.  We suspect she was never house-trained, so we are still working on that. She gives very subtle hints when it’s time to go, but you’ll need to learn to pick up on those and get her outside right away.  She has plenty of washable diapers to wear in the house to avoid accidents.  Emma does have some bad days when she is confused and very tired, due to a bit of dementia.  On those days she’ll need some extra help getting around and will spend most of the day sleeping.  We have just started a supplement for the dementia, and she’s on a couple medications for the arthritis pain.  Altogether, these cost about $120.00 each month, but have really made a difference in how she feels.   Emma’s ideal family will be to have someone at home most of the time.  Other dogs or kids would not be a problem, but if they are looking for a playmate, they will be disappointed.  She’s in her golden years, and would be very happy just to spend her days with someone who will give her all the love and affection she’s missed out on, take her for short walks and be there for her when she needs a little help. Know that pets with special needs are every bit as capable of love and affection as healthy pets and their issues do nothing to detract from the joy they bring to their forever families.   Emma Rose will bring that joy!  She is being fostered in the Dallas/Fort Worth area if you are interested in meeting her. ##824269## show less

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Blue Lacy/Texas Lacy

SPECIAL NEEDS - PLEASE READ BEFORE APPLYING Hey there world, I’m Stormy.  I’m a 3-year-old, 50-pound, Texas Blue Lacey (yes, my foster... show more

SPECIAL NEEDS - PLEASE READ BEFORE APPLYING Hey there world, I’m Stormy.  I’m a 3-year-old, 50-pound, Texas Blue Lacey (yes, my foster mom did the DNA test).  Please make sure you read my whole profile though because I need a specific adopter because my past life before rescue was not good. When I first came into rescue in July 2019, I had been in a shelter for 6 months after having been found stray.  No one even named me at the shelter that whole time I was there.  They just told me to go in and out of my run.  When WRT came to take me, I wasn’t sure how to act.  Every time I was in a stressful situation the only way I knew how to soothe myself was to turn in circles and chase my tail and grab my back leg with my teeth.  After arriving in foster care, my foster mom thought there might be something more medically wrong with me because I wasn’t eating right so rescue started looking into possible neurological issues.  She advocated every step of the way for me.  So, we went to a neurologist who put me on seizure medication thinking that I was potentially having pre-seizures.  The medication, however, didn’t help my anxiety or lower my need to self soothe in a crazy way.  All neurological tests that they did came back negative, so we proceeded with trying to determine if the way I was acting was behavioral. That’s when I met my favorite person in the whole world.  Maegan Bardes with The Confident Pooch and my boarding guys, Alex and Ray, with Hudson’s Camp Canine.  Maegan realized that my behavior was severe OCD and she started working with me to help me learn how to be the dog everyone knew I could be.  I stayed and trained with her for 4 months until we thought it was time that I go to a foster home.  Unfortunately, my second foster home had a train that went right by the potty area and that absolutely freaked me out so I went back to stay with Maegan until a new foster could be found.  I have now been with my current foster family for a few months now, so they know pretty much what I need for a forever adoptive family. Must Haves: Patient Owner (Preferably One that Lives Alone) - A patient, gentle, soft-spoken owner, preferably one that lives alone and doesn't have very many visitors.  I need a very calm and quiet environment.  Someone that has a consistent and quiet routine and that has a very calming gentle nature.  This owner must be willing to continue to give me my anxiety medication and reinforce the training I have gotten.  If people do come to visit or someone comes to the door, I need to be crated or put outside away from people as any new introductions escalate my anxiety. Solid Wood Fence - A home with a solid fence and very few cars coming and going for me to see.    You see, you wouldn’t believe how far I’ve come in 6 months.  When kept in a calm predictable environment, I don’t spin to chase my tail or grab my leg, but when I get overly anxious it may come out occasionally.  A dog door will also be needed for me to come and go.  I love to be outside and will lay for hours soaking up the sun outside. No children - Because of my anxiety any extra stimulation gets me worked up so no kids please. Likes: I love my walks and I'm great on leash (even a grandma could walk me).  I am still slightly reactive when cars go by, so if you will have me sit as they go by I do well. I sit, stay, heel, down, and go to my place.  I love to work for treats. I’m housebroken and crate trained - although I'd love to lay beside you if you will let me. I ride in the car without barking now and would like to go for a ride to a walking trail, but out where people might want to pet me will make me anxious. I do fine when left alone.  White noise or calm soothing music is my favorite. I love to catch and drop (if you throw the ball though I will not retrieve it for you). I am fine with other dogs off leash, but this would be more for boarding than for living unless the other dog is older and really laid back and ok with my anxiety.  I'm currently living with a Weimaraner and he plays with me sometimes, but he knows when I don't want to play too. I love praise and cuddling on my own terms and morning coffee time. Dislikes: Passing cars while walking - you have to use my commands to help me remember to stay calm New people - introductions to new people must be slow and in a specific way or I will spin Loud noises - clapping your hands together sends me retreating in fear to the outdoors, slamming doors, banging pans in the kitchen, and especially lawn equipment like blowers, mowers and weed whackers.  Surprisingly though I'm not afraid of the vacuum.  I'll just watch you very closely. Vet visits - since I'm currently up to date on all my vet care I shouldn't need to see a vet for another year.  I've even had a recent dental so that I don't have to be stressed out.  Don't be surprised if the vet needs to muzzle me though because the vet is a very stressful place for me. If you can’t tell, I just need someone as special as me to help keep me calm.  I know that is out there for me to finally get my forever home.  My trainer, Maegan, will work with any adopter that adopts me in the Dallas area.  Please ask about me if you are in Dallas. ##454693## show less