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Male Adult Border Collie / Husky

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Final Frontier Rescue Project

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About Major

Major loves his friends, loves walks, and loves lying in the grass and soaking up the sunshine. His favorite thing these days is a walk to--and into--the river. He's a very smart dog who likes doing obedience exercises and working with his person, and who then likes just wandering around sniffing everything and exploring his environment. Major is looking for a relaxed, knowledgeable person who will give him space and guidance. We rescued Major after he had been in the shelter over 3 years, and we think he would do best with a mature, single owner, and with a house and yard rather than an apartment. We would like to find a foster or adopter who will work with us and with a trainer to address Major's behavioral/emotional needs. Here's your chance to learn more about canine behavior and training, and to help save a life! Major's life was in danger before we rescued him, and getting him out of the shelter was just the first step in saving him. Now he needs a dedicated foster or adopter.

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German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd fans, you're in for a treat! I'm a pretty, pretty Princess with a heart of gold and a zest for adventure. True to my bre... show more

German Shepherd fans, you're in for a treat! I'm a pretty, pretty Princess with a heart of gold and a zest for adventure. True to my breed, I'm loyal, loving and devoted to my humans. So if you're in the market for not just one, but two new best friends, come meet me and my little brother Lucky today! So you can understand us better, I'll tell you a bit of our back story. Lucky and I came to Texas by way of California, where we were in danger of being separated at a shelter. Our friends at Final Frontier swooped in and saved the day, and now we are waiting at the shelter for the forever home that we've been dreaming about since puppyhood. Take us home and you'll be rewarded with many years of loyal companionship, adventure and unconditional love. While my goofy brother can chase balls all day long (sigh), I entertain myself with treats, treats, and more treats! Although you can't tell by my girlish figure, I'm kind of a chow hound. I'm also a champion swimmer and love taking a dip in the lake every chance I get--just as long as we're not being bothered by other dogs. We don't enjoy dog-social scenes and prefer to just enjoy the company of our trusted human friends. All we need is a big back yard and humans who understand and appreciate our boundaries. As for my other winning qualities, I'm a super chill leash walker and am happy to stay right by your side on our nature walks. My idea of the perfect date would be a long country stroll (we can walk for miles!), a refreshing dip in the river, and lounging in the sun while watching the clouds drift by. Doesn't that sound great? So what do you say? Are you ready for a new adventure with two best friends by your side? Come meet us today! show less