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Male Adult Domestic Short Hair

This Pet is no longer available. Below you can find other pets in San Antonio Animal Care Services
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Labrador Retriever

A note from Nevile`s foster family:Neville (we call him Nevi) is a sweet boy who enjoys taking walks and is good on a leash. He loves ha... show more

A note from Nevile`s foster family:Neville (we call him Nevi) is a sweet boy who enjoys taking walks and is good on a leash. He loves hanging out with his humans on the couch, bed or any comfy place. He often seeks out affection and attention and is always excited to greet his humans when they get home. He loves to be around people and is great company. He appreciates treats and takes them gently. Although Nevi is scared to get into cars and will try to avoid getting inside, he is fine on drives once inside. He should be picked up and placed inside the car until he becomes more comfortable when going for a drive. Nevi is very good with children and people in general. As to other animals, it is very important and highly recommended to have slow introductions between Nevi and other dogs in the home (we only have one male dog and do not know how he is towards female dogs and/or cats). When Nevi initially arrived in our home, there was an adjustment period between him and our resident dog. However, now they follow each other around all the time and have become good friends. Nevi would probably benefit from having a dog sibling so long as introductions are handled with patience and supervision. When walking him, he does pull towards other animals so that should be considered. Nevi doesn`t like bath time and tries to be an escape artist from the tub/shower, but he seems excited to be clean afterwards. When we first welcomed Nevi into our home, he was limping on his back right paw, and he had x-rays performed of his right hip which reflected some broken bones. I don`t want to misstate his condition so you should inquire about his medical history through the shelter if interested in adopting to make sure his health status will be a good fit for your lifestyle. He has had an opportunity to rest and recover in our home, and he hasn`t been limping recently. This condition doesn`t seem to slow him down, and he loves to run and play. We have been limiting/preventing him (post x-rays) from running, playing and jumping to make sure he has sufficient time to heal. Nevi is potty trained. He really is a wonderful dog who deserves to be in a loving forever home. Finally, if you adopt him, we would love to hear how he is doing and would welcome pictures if you are willing to share! show less