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Male Shepherds (All Types) /

If you have questions about Gunner please contact

Army’s Legacy Animal Rescue And Sanctuary

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About Gunner


Eight months old 
loves people 
loves other dogs 
loves cats
needs patience
needs consistency 

email us if interested in foster or adopting

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Pit Bull Terrier

CT SHELTER (disclaimer-all approved Applications will be forward to the holding shelter) Freddy has been Signed over and is offically re... show more

CT SHELTER (disclaimer-all approved Applications will be forward to the holding shelter) Freddy has been Signed over and is offically ready for ADOPTION HELP FREDDY FIND A COMFY COUCH! Ok so here’s the deal… WE NEED ALL HANDS ON DECK! This message is in regards to Anthony Corso.. we NEED to ban together to help 3 dogs that are sitting in a kennel and will remain there because their owner was in an accident and has a TBI and more than likely will never be able to take care of his dogs again. The problem is he can not sign them over to anyone because he is not of sound mind. They just can not stay in a kennel for the rest of their lives so I spoke with family members (no they can’t take) and they are willing to allow Armys to find forever fosters which would mean they can be in homes and live their lives out and we will back them.  They are 3 pitties and ALL can be together but all can not be with other dogs.  Laura, Willie and Freddy If ANYONE feels they can help all 3 or even 1 of these dogs please contact Armys, Tom Corso or Joseph L. Ceniccola!  Basically it’s having a dog and we will cover medical, Etc  Back Story.. “On Tuesday, April 11th, Anthony Corso was a victim of a hit and run while walking his dogs in the Forbes Avenue area of New Haven and left for dead. Anthony has a passion for taking care of homeless dogs, at one point caring for 5 dogs at the same time. Because of this, Anthony became homeless himself because no one would rent him an apartment with his 5 dogs. As a result, Anthony chose to live in his van along with his 5 dogs rather than give them up. He now has 3 dogs which are being cared for by the New Haven Animal Shelter. Over the past few weeks, Anthony has undergone several surgeries which include knee surgery, ligament replacement, ankle surgery and fractured tibia. Anthony also has a traumatic brain injury, a broken eye socket and fractured facial bones. He has a tracheotomy and feeding tube. Prayers were answered this past week when Anthony finally opened his eyes. He is still not able to speak or respond to movement requests. Anthony has a very long road ahead of him and will require acute physical therapy once he is discharged from the hospital. It is way too early to predict the extent of his brain injury and what life holds for him in the future. Please keep Anthony in your prayers. Any shares or Donations would be greatly appreciated and helpful in providing necessary resources for Anthony's recovery and will help in caring for his dogs.” show less

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Terriers (Medium)

George 1.5 years old 35lbs, sweet  George needs a home!! 🏡  1.5 years (estimated) Terrier Mix 35 pounds Neuter date in 2 weeks Up to dat... show more

George 1.5 years old 35lbs, sweet  George needs a home!! 🏡  1.5 years (estimated) Terrier Mix 35 pounds Neuter date in 2 weeks Up to date on all vaccines and a healthy boy!! Pretty active energy level Loves attention from people!! Thinks he’s a lap dog!! Good with other dogs with proper intro and structure, preferably his size or larger Cats unknown Older animal savvy kids (he likes to jump) Needs basic manners training and leash walking Back story.. Fred & George we're to be euthanized in Texas and we were able to save them just in time! We thought they were bonded but since they have been fostered up here in CT we have realized they are just fine on their own or with another doggy friend!  - UPDATE: RESCUED ! Army’s Legacy Animal Rescue and Sanctuary is Grateful to Nueces County, TX: Dogs in Need of Rescue FB page for posting and The Nueces County Shelter for allowing us to partner with them so we could tag and save the lives of George and Fred. Note: George and Fred --------------------------- 🚩 DEADLINE 6PM 🚩 TERRIER BUDDIES WILL TAKE FINAL BREATHE TOGETHER  Fred & George understand they are OUT OF TIME & WILL DIE!!! They are comforting each other in the EU PEN!!! LOCATION RURAL NUECES COUNTY SHELTER  K-28 George terrier mix Male Young 34.4 lbs Fred Young male terrier 30.5 lbs show less